How to create custom buttons in a WordPress post

In the creation of posts by WordPress it is common for people to use a Plugin for everything without thinking twice. However, this is not always the most recommended and least for simple elements and functions. Given this, learn how to create custom buttons in a WordPress post without Plugins. 

Both custom buttons and social media buttons ( Twitter , Instagram buttons ) are very easy to create in WordPress without the use of Plugins. You just need the initiative and the desire to handle a little HTML code. Once you learn it, it will become much easier to perform other functions and further customize a website.

What is the problem with Plugins?

It is true that when creating a web page or a blog in WordPress, the use of Plugins facilitates and speeds up the work, both of customization and creation of functions (for example, they let you insert YouTube videos ). However, not everything is good with Plugins and depending on them for simple things is fatal for the creation of a website.

If you have an online store project, it is logical to use Plugins for all the necessary and complex functions that the creation of this represents. On the other hand, when you want to create custom buttons in a WordPress post or other simple elements, then you would have to install a plugin that allows such a simple function.

This is problematic, since a large number of Plugins would have to be installed for each thing. What would directly affect performance and also when updating them the process will be extensive.

Another negative effect of having unnecessary Plugins is that many are created by programmers who sell the plugin to a company. These in turn take advantage of the pages where it is installed to carry out practices that would directly affect the page, blog or entry.

For this reason, to create custom buttons in a WordPress entry, it is best to do it without the use of external plugins.

Steps to create custom buttons in a WordPress post without Plugins

To carry out this process, it is important to bear in mind that it will be done by using the HTML code directly from the input to which you want to add the button.

The first thing to do is enter the post editor and go to the ” HTML ” tab . When you are inside you must create a link and place the text that will contain this button.

This text must be preceded by “ <a> ” and after the text “ </a> ” must be placed , thus leaving “ <a> Test text </a> ”. After having established the text, it must be assigned an ID. This is done so that you can later customize it with CSS.

To add the ID, you must enter the name you have thought of in quotes, inside the first tag ” <a> ” and preceded by ” id = “. For example, look like this : <a “> id=”Botó n Text </a> test.

Finally, it is necessary to add the link to where the button will be directed when pressed. For this you must add “href = ” and then the link inside quotes. All of this must be entered on the first tag after the ID.

So would the code <a id=”Botón” href=””> </a> test text . This process is to create a simple button, now to customize it you must use CSS.

The button will work with the process previously performed. However, with CSS you can modify the color of the letter , the size of the button box, the color of the button and add transparency, among other aspects.

In addition to this, more complex elements can be modified, such as when placing the cursor over the button, it changes color or performs other functions. However, this is not necessary to create custom buttons in a WordPress post.

And that’s it, you know what you need, remember that although you don’t have to always use plugins, it never hurts to look for the best plugins to make WordPress pages, so that you have many options on the table when you go to create a blog .


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