How to create contact shortcuts or shortcuts on an iPhone?

IPhones are amazing tools that make anyone’s life easier. These, because they are smartphones, have functions that allow their users to enjoy comfort when using them (for example, with them you can take a screenshot without pressing the buttons ). With that in mind, today you will see how to create shortcuts or contact shortcuts on an iPhone.

Believe it or not, many people do not know how to use their mobile completely, and this is because sometimes many of the most useful functions are hidden below the surface. However, the steps to obtain or perform them are very simple and it should not take you five minutes of your life to apply them.

What is a shortcut?

Before you can answer the question , how to create shortcuts or contact shortcuts on an iPhone? You first have to be clear about the subject, that is, you have to learn that it is a shortcut so you don’t get lost in the explanation.

These are folders or files which allow you to quickly enter an application in question, they work to create any type of shortcut such as: contacts, web pages, documents, games, among others.

They can be moved and dragged across the screen once created, being able to place them in any position instantly. Basically they contain the information of the location you want to go to.

Shortcuts are found not only on mobile devices such as iPhones but also on computers (they are very useful on these as well as on phones, so much so that you can even shut down, suspend or hibernate Windows 10 with one access).


When you create a contact shortcut on the iPhone, what you are allowed is not to go to your contact, but to be able to call him whenever you want by just pressing it. This saves a lot of time and can be very useful if there is an emergency ( similar to adding a number to favorites, but even better because you only have to click one).

Create shortcuts or contact shortcuts on an iPhone

Now that you know all of the above, it is time that you finally start the process that will allow you to create shortcuts or contact shortcuts on an iPhone.

To do this, first you have to go to the Safari icon and press it to enter the web browser. Once there, tap on the address bar as you always do, this will obviously allow you to write whatever you want.

Then write the phone number you want to save or create as a shortcut in that bar, and then put the following: “” , finally press ” Go ” or ” Go ” to confirm.

After you have achieved the above without errors, click on “Cancel” in the next option that will appear. Now you should be able to see the item or number that you have entered with two options next to “ Cancel ” and “ Call ”.

Create access from Safari to finish

If all the previous steps worked out for you, then you will only need to do one last thing to finally have your access on the iPhone home screen, and this is to pass them from safari.


Being on the previous page with the element already created, press the icon that is in Safari which looks like a rectangle with a white arrow sticking out of it.

This will display a menu where you must choose the option called “Add to home screen”, this action will allow you to name the element as you wish (the most logical thing is to put the name of the contact obviously).

Regardless of how you place it, at the end your access will already be created. You just have to press it and it will allow you to call whoever you want whenever you want (keep in mind that thanks to the IOS software, you can do more things with the contacts, such as quickly deleting all or several contacts at once , so no you should limit your search to only what you read today).

And voila, with that the question is answered : How to create shortcuts or contact shortcuts on an iPhone? So all you have to do is go to your mobile and start configuring your most important contacts at the beginning .

To conclude, remember that Safari also adds other functions to the iPhone. For example, you can save the images from the Safari browser directly to the iPhone, something that other browsers do not offer.


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