How to create barcodes

Bar codes are important for everything that you want to sell, or to obtain coupons, in this case UPC codes will be of great help for your company . Above all, with the necessary programs to download them easily and for free.

It should be noted that the codes are valid to be made with programs instead of by hand, since it leads to a good accuracy of the lines avoiding errors. So there are many applications so that you can design your codes safely quickly for free and these are the following.

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  1. What are the benefits of using barcodes?
    1. Speed
    2. Reduced cost
    3. No training
  2. “How to obtain the universal code of a product”
  3. What are the best pc programs to generate the codes?
    1. Barcodes
    2. Barcoding
    3. Byte Scout
    4. Aeromiun barcode maker
    5. Catinfog
    6. Appli label
    7. Canva
  4. Steps to code in Canva
  5. How can I read these codes?

What are the benefits of using barcodes?

Bar codes offer both consumers and entrepreneurs excellent benefits, thanks to the information they can contain. Since by means of this code it is possible, in the first place, to uniquely identify a certain product anywhere on the planet. It also offers relevant data such as its production date, expiration date, among others.

And all this information can be obtained by consumers thanks to scanners or optical readers that can decode these codes. Currently and with the rise of smartphones, it is possible to scan QR codes and be directed to the manufacturers’ web pages.


In a matter of seconds, a consumer can know relevant data about any product, just by making use of the devices they use to read said code. In short, there is an added value in terms of the immediacy of the information of a product that uses a barcode to store its most important characteristics.

Reduced cost

This is another very important aspect that is usually reflected in the final value of the product, since bar codes represent cost savings for the company. This because it avoids the hiring of more employees to carry out the monitoring and storage of the product , in addition to the savings that it represents, avoiding the printing of labels.

No training

Bar codes are a very versatile and easy-to-use technology, therefore it will not be necessary to invest long periods of time for staff training . This represents a substantial saving of time and money, for this reason the use of this type of technology is becoming more and more frequent in all companies worldwide.

“How to obtain the universal code of a product”

If you have a company and you want to obtain the universal code of a product, it is necessary that you first   apply for the UPC through GS1 . Which are global standards that will allow your products to have a unique code that identifies it. For this, it will be necessary to follow the following steps:

  1. Determine the barcode

This is the first step that the employer must take, to be able to know the number of barcodes as well as the length of the number that this code will have . It is important that each product individually according to its characteristics such as color, size, model, etc. can be identified with a UPC.

  1. Get the GTIN

In the case of having a single product, it is necessary that you obtain a GTIN and this can be done on the same website where you will apply the barcode. But in the case that you handle a very large number of products it is necessary then that you obtain a company prefix .

  1. Gather information

Now it is necessary that you enter all the information about the company and how they can contact you, so that in this way you can go to the last step, which is to pay.

  1. To pay

Once the number of barcodes your business needs and the type of code you have selected have been determined. You must pay a fee and you will be offered the means of payment that you can use. At the end of this simple procedure, you will receive an Email where it explains how to use the barcodes or UPC that you have purchased.

What are the best pc programs to generate the codes?


This is an application which you use from your computer and you can get it on the Barcodes inc website . Writing your code and then selecting your UPC format located at the bottom of the program in the form of “MODE”, giving the push button and that’s it, you have your code.


We also have the Barcoding code generator , enter your code on the ” BARCODING DATO” site by selecting your UPC from the menu that contains the list of all codes. In this way you click on generate code and voila, you will have it created.

Byte Scout

We continue with Byte Scout , in this app you will work by pressing the button that is written “SYMBOLOGY” and there you will select your UPC format. This one has large amounts of formats so you have several options to choose from. Therefore, you put your number data in the value option to encode then you press generate and that’s it.

Aeromiun barcode maker

We continue with a very good and popular one such as Aeromiun barcode maker , this application generates professional codes, adapting to all your needs. It contains more than 20 variations of images, looking very nice, plus it works with Excel spreadsheets .


It is an excellent option that will help you manage your store efficiently, especially if you are a retailer. It is a system that works with the POS software, it is a type of point of sale that is very easy to use and works directly from the cloud. And best of all, it allows you to print your own labels with the barcode of each product .

Appli label

The last recommendation that we will give you regarding programs to generate barcodes is Apli label . It is very versatile and comes with an Office wizard that will show you how you can create your own labels or cards. But if you don’t want to download anything, you can use its online version that works with most browsers.


And finally we have a generator whose utility is not far behind, because its platform is very well cared for. It is about Canva , to enter it you have to do the following. Enter the online platform, click on the bar adding the size you want to use by choosing its respective color and voila, hit the create button.

Steps to code in Canva

Entering the website and go to “create a design” , but you have to bear in mind that you must register to avoid the risk of losing the design. After that go to the option “Shapes” choosing the square shape.

After this you go to where it says titles and put your desired title that has to do with the codes in this case. Now, go to the bottom where it says “more” and there you will find the code option and immediately when you choose it you can enter your URL, you must copy it correctly.

Then follow the option if you want to add it to any social network and voila, when you do it, you will get the option to generate code . You just have to add your code in front of the square and press it to load and therefore be ready.

Thanks to these codes we can have greater security in everything that we are going to do, whether it is sale of shops or simply having them to enter our applications. That is why here we leave you the best options both to do them and to read them and the best of all is that they are completely free.

How can I read these codes?

From our mobile phone there are the applications where we can read our respective codes , either UPS or there is also the option of QR codes. So here are the next steps to read these codes.

First, look for the file on the cell phone , look for the camera option, you have to focus very well by sticking the phone to the screen looking at the code. Once this step is done you have to take a photo and wait a few seconds, it can be 2 or 3 depending on the cell phone signal and that’s it.

This process can be used for several applications, in this case there is one in which several of us use as it is in WhatsApp, for the process of using WhatsApp Web .

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