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On Netflix, like any other popular video service, everything is arranged so that you don’t leave the site for as long as possible. And one of the traditional ways to hold you back is autoplaying the so-called additional content.In this regard, we will tell you about how to disable autoplay of additional video on Netflix (from a PC, smartphone, tablet or ).

·                                 how to disable autoplay videos in Netflix

Let’s say right away that if you are watching Netflix from a smart TV, then you will be looking for a button to disable autoplay in the settings for a very long time. And, most likely, you will not find it. For the simple reason that it is located in your account settings, and access to them is not open on all devices.

Therefore, before turning off autoplay video on the TV, you first need to go to the Netflix website from your computer or mobile device and tweak your account settings.

We go in. Open the menu (the button is in the upper right corner of the screen), in it, click Accaunt , then in the My Profile section (at the bottom) click the link “ Playback settings “. In the next window, we find the ” Auto-Play ” user , uncheck the check-box ” ” and press the ” Save ” button .

The setting is automatically saved for all devices from which you watch Netflix, and which are “tied” to the account whose settings you just changed. Moreover, instantly. So you don’t need to reboot (log out-log in) your account on Smart TV.

But the “trouble” is that in this way it turns out to disable only one autoplay parameter, ie. scrolling through the next episode of a program or episode of a movie. But instead of them, Netflix enthusiastically begins to twist other content, and there is simply nothing to stop this disgrace, since the corresponding option is not provided in the settings.

·                                 How to turn off autoplay videos in Netflix child profile

Until recently, it was impossible to disable autoplay in the settings , since in “Kids”, for obvious reasons, the ability to change the settings was not initially allowed (there are almost no settings at all). But now it is allowed.

Therefore, if you need to turn off autoplay of the next episode of a movie or cartoon in the Netflix profile for children, then you simply open the “Kids” profile on the site, go to the menu, click Account , then Playback Settings , disable (uncheck) the “ Play next episode automatically ”and save the changes with the Save button . However, do not forget that the child can turn everything back on just as easily and at any time.

A popular streaming service is already in Russia, we figure out what’s what.

As previously reported, Netflix has expanded its geography and is now officially available in Russia and the CIS countries. Unfortunately, by the date of the launch of the service in Russia, the interface had not been translated from English, this may alienate part of the potential audience. On the positive side , there is a free trial month .

How to start using Netflix

To register with the service, you will need:

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 7.0 and newer or a computer (you can register on Apple TV, but keep in mind that you will have to enter a large amount of data, and doing it on the console’s remote control is still a pleasure);
  • the availability of funds to renew the subscription on your Apple ID or a bank card or PayPal account connected to the Apple ID (in any case, you need to have an amount on your account for a monthly payment for the selected tariff plan, as was the case when registering with Apple Music);
  • 5 minutes of time.

The registration procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Go to the service website when registering via a computer or download the application from the App Store .
  2. We start the registration by pressing the button ” Start Your Free Month “.
  3. Choose the tariff plan you like (the payment for it will begin to be charged in one calendar month).
  4. We indicate a valid email address and come up with a password, do not forget to unsubscribe from the mailing list and confirm the fact of your 18th birthday.
  5. When registering with an iPhone or iPad, enter the Apple ID password, agreeing to a trial month and a subscription to the selected tariff plan (hereinafter, the amount of the subscription fee will be deducted from the Apple ID account). When using a computer, you will have to specify the details of a bank card or PayPal account.
  6. We select one or several preferred options for viewing content (the choice does not affect anything, the service collects statistics).
  7. We indicate the name of the user / users (it is enough to specify any one name).
  8. We select three favorite TV series or films (another collection of statistics, in the future they will offer similar content).
  9. Hooray! We signed up for Netflix.

How to turn off Netflix * auto-renewal

Attention! Don’t forget to turn off automatic renewal of your subscription. It’s better to do it right away, and if you like the service, turn on the subscription at the end of the trial month. Disconnection takes only a minute, but it can save you from unnecessary expenses in a month. This is as easy as unsubscribing from Apple Music.

  1. Go to Settings – App Store, iTunes Store and click on your Apple ID account .
  2. Select View Apple ID (enter your password), find the Subscriptions section and click Manage .
  3. We indicate a Netflix subscription and disable Auto-Renewal .

Then everything is simple, we search for content through a search or from a catalog and proceed to browsing. Unfortunately, there are still very few films and TV series with Russian voice acting, but they are. For example, you can watch one of the best TV shows of 2015 in your native language.

How to switch audio and subtitle languages

The presence of the translation is not noted in any way on the poster or in the menu, you have to check everything yourself. To switch the language of voice acting or subtitles (if they are present), press the button in the upper right corner and select the desired item.

We start using the service, share our impressions and look forward to our full review.

Hello IdeaFox friends!

Something I don’t want to raise blogging topics today, I decided to distract myself from endless poking around in search engines and the bowels of WordPress. During the holidays I didn’t really do anything, I just watched films and rested a lot. Of course, I indulged in the sin of devouring TV series =)

You yourself know that recently in Russia a zealous struggle has been waged against pirate sites that post unlicensed videos. Let’s face it, it’s getting harder and harder for freeloaders to find the movie they want.

And then I learned that a giant of the world video rental market called NetFlix.Com became available in Russia. It entered the Russian market just yesterday, January 6th.

Of course, I immediately decided to test it in order to understand how much I needed it. At the same time I decided to compare it with the Amediatek service, which I became a subscriber about a year and a half ago (de facto, this is the Russian analogue of Netflix).

Why are competitors afraid of NetFlix? Because it’s a huge business machine that operates in 130 countries and has a 50 million subscriber base. Naturally, Russian cinemas tensed in anticipation of this monster.

And so, he came to us =)

What is NetFlix?

In fact, this is an Internet cinema. Pay a low monthly subscription and watch movies and TV shows in high quality . Looking ahead, I will say that films and TV series on NetFlix.Com are just a breakthrough + give one month for testing for free.

I repeat that Amediateka works exactly according to the same scheme.

How much does Netflix cost?

At the moment, the tariffs are as follows:

If we increase each tariff by one marketing cent, we get 8, 10, 12 euros per month. If translated into rubles, at the rate of 1 euro = 81 rubles, we get:

  1. Basic plan = 648 rubles
  2. Standard plan = 881 rubles
  3. Premium plan = 972 rubles

Frankly, not all Russians will be delighted with such tariffs. But if you compare with the price of a ticket in an ordinary cinema, then everyone will understand that it is very cheap.

By the way, why are the prices in euros and not in rubles? It is inconvenient, you have to translate prices into our currency.

How to get a month of a month in NetFlix for free?

But there is good news – when you subscribe, they give one month for free on any tariff. (This is a big plus in favor of NetFlix, since there is no such bonus in the Amediatek yet).

A free month is given immediately upon subscribing.

  1. On the main page of the service, press the big red button “Start Your Free Month”:
  2. Choose the desired tariff

I decided to test the “Basic” tariff for 8 euros.

By the way, please note that everything is in English for now. It’s sad, because entering the Russian market with an English-language interface is a VERY strange decision.

And again, a strange decision. Imagine our person who wants to get a free month , and he is immediately offered to enter the details of a bank card or PayPal service unknown to many.

There is even nothing to guess here – most of our people will leave the registration as soon as they see the requirement to fill in the subscription details. Also in English, yeah =)


But I still decided to break through to Netflix, as it became very curious

I subscribed through PayPal (I think that very few people in Russia know what kind of payment system it is).

By the way, here you need to understand that by choosing any of these payment methods, you subscribe to a MONTHLY subscription. That is, every subsequent month after the free one, NetFlix will charge 8, 10, 12 euros from the card, depending on the selected tariff. And if you do not like this service, then the subscription will need to be canceled in the account settings.

For example, PayPal has honestly warned that a monthly subscription will be issued:

After making the payment, we check the tariff settings again, put a tick in which we confirm that we are over 18 years old (curious why?).

And click on the “Start Membership” button

Then we choose what we will watch films and TV series on. I chose computer (DescTop or LapTop)

And … again an incomprehensible window came out =) Something was too clever …

They ask me to enter my name. How to contact me.

Okay, let them call me Dmitry. To be honest, I’m already tired of entering my data.

And … we are waiting for ANOTHER WINDOW, in which we need to choose the series that we like.

Just choose three series that you like. Apparently, based on your choice, they will build a grid of viewers’ preferences.

Everyone, broke through =)

Well, maybe TV shows with Russian voice acting?

I poked a few TV shows at random – nothing like that. There is no Russian voice acting as of January 7, 2016 for most films and TV series.

For example, I was able to find Russian voice acting for the TV series Better Call Saul.

How to choose Russian?

While watching the series, you need to do as in the picture below:

And you will be happy if there is Russian voice acting there =) Unfortunately, it is not for every film.

What are the pros of NetFlix?

  1. A huge number of TV shows that we don’t even know about. I’m serious – my eyes run wild with such abundance.
  2. Picture quality – no complaints at all, even at the cheapest tariff.
  3. I did not notice the brakes at a speed of 8 megabits / sec.
  4. If there is Russian voice acting, then it is done at a very good level.
  5. There is a mobile application + software for TV-boxes + XBOX + PlayStation + Apple TV

Cons for Russia

  1. I repeat that entering the Russian video rental market with an English interface is a very strange decision. It remains to be hoped that soon at least the site will be translated into Russian.
  2. To date, few TV series and films have been translated into Russian. Sorting or filtering for films already translated into Russian does not hurt at all. Even in the profile settings, there is no way to select the Russian language.
  3. Quite confusing registration (and again there is no Russian language).
  4. Few payment methods. De facto, there is only Visa, since most Russians do not know about PayPal at all. Ideally, you need to add Yandex.Money + WebMoney + SberbankOnline.

My verdict

In my opinion, the NetFlix company hastened to enter our market. Already at the first steps of registration in the service, a bunch of questions arise that can only be solved by knowing the English language . Well, there are gaps with the voice acting, let’s face it.

It turns out that today Netflix is ​​useful only for those who know English (or want to learn it by watching films in a foreign language ). To be honest, all this is more like an emergency launch, since they did not meet the deadlines, but it was necessary to launch.

I will watch for another month and most likely unsubscribe if the situation with translations does not change for the better.

And to be honest, our video rental services do not have to worry at all. But if everything is finished and translated, then competitors’ marketers will run across the ceiling, trying to survive in competition with NetFlix =)

This is not a joke, since a truly WORLD leader has appeared in Russia, who will not stand on ceremony with smaller players.

I was glad that I could now watch any films and TV series in 4K quality, I climbed to register,

they seem to promise a month for free

Yeah, we know this enticement. I hate this amerikosovskuyu system on * balov.
ITunes, Microsoft, GooglePlay, Adobe – are almost completely switching to subscription-based methods of withdrawing the dough.

If in the case of the former it is perhaps convenient and I am ready to pay 150-200 rubles a month to a music media library , then I refuse to give space money for the opportunity to use Photoshop once a month.

and the worst thing is that everything is done on the quiet, for a fool. You signed up for a free month. entered the card details and they silently begin to withdraw the loot. And to unsubscribe, you need to jump with a tambourine.

so in this case, again personal data, credit card . Well, yes fick with him, you have to try.

And the prices bite.

for UHD content you will have to pay as much as 12 euros! Fuck. This is clearly not for impoverished Russia.

But the saddest thing is that there is no content either. I could not find any films in Russian.
Same thing with 4K. Maximum, this is a crappy 1080.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding something? Has anyone tried it?

By the way, I found how to unsubscribe. Let’s see in a month if it worked.

Today I went to the application again on the TV set and lo and behold!

A whole UltraHD section appeared

Before that, he definitely did not exist. I can assume that the program has been updated, or Netflix itself measures the speed of the channel and, in the absence of the required 25 Mb / s, limits the content.

I climbed on the proposed, mostly serials, and even as many as TWO in Russian: BlackList and Under the Dome.

But with the quality of trouble, 4K and does not smell. So inferior HD. Some kind of grain and soap in the background.

Many 1080 movies look better there too.
Maybe my TV set is outdated? Or is it speed again?
Although I measured it, 50 MB was stable at that moment.


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