How to create an Intro for Twitch that makes your viewers love your live shows?

Twitch is a very popular streaming platform today , where it is mainly oriented towards video games , being used by a large number of professional gamers.

This is how most streamers try to personalize their channels with different elements to attract the attention of viewers , one way to make a difference with the rest is by creating an intro .

The intro as its name implies , is an excellent alternative to give a brief summary of what your channel is before starting a video . That is why below we explain how you can start creating them.


 What are the benefits of having a powerful intro for your videos?

Users have the possibility of creating intros that will be played at the beginning of each live show, which undoubtedly gives a touch of greater personality to the content and can start to capture the attention of viewers from the first second of playback.

The main advantage that all this offers is to create content that is really impressive for the viewer , which will allow to create an expectation of the video. It is important that those few seconds of presentation are really interesting and eye-catching , for this use effects, dynamic texts and different colors . Despite being a widely used technique today, being able to create a truly professional intro will help you stand out from others.

 Learn step by step how to create an intro that your viewers will fall in love with on Twitch

Being able to create an intro that really makes your viewers fall in love is essential that you take into account several aspects, since each of them will help you create a presentation that is really interesting and that allows you to attract the attention of users to watch your videos.

Therefore, here we show you how to create professional presentations for your Twitch streams:


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 That is according to your channel

The presentation has to be according to the content offered on your channel, this means that if your channel is for action games, then you must create an intro that is related to it, so you should never include sports games or any other category, as this can basically confuse the viewer on what to see there.

 Quick transitions for dynamism

Effects are essential in these types of videos, one of the most used and recommended are fast transitions , since they will allow you to show several important and relevant details in a video that must be very short in time. Make sure to capture quick transitions that improve the quality of it .

 Use filters

Filters will always help you improve the aesthetics, whether it be a photograph or a video, as in this case, that is why we recommend using different types of filters that go according to the content you are presenting. It is also essential that you use two or three maximum filters , since many of them can overload the reproduction so the result may not be the best.

 Novel and different

Clearly you are not going to create an intro for each of your videos, quite the opposite , the idea is to create a single one to use in each of them, but what you can do is add a detail or something that makes it different from according to the video you are going to broadcast.

For example, you can add a title to it and change it from time to time. You can also modify the colors , which you can differentiate according to the categories of your channel or you will be able to add something unique such as a recording or a question for your subscribers.

 Maximum time

The intro is characterized by being quite short, this means that it is most recommended that they last around 10 seconds maximum , keep in mind that no one wants to spend 30 seconds or more time watching an introduction. Most of the time users when they access a video want to go straight to it without interruptions, but a short and well-crafted introduction will never be a bad technique.

 Use background music

An intro without music will lose all the appeal of the visual effects that you have included there , it will basically be watching something around 10 seconds where silence reigns, which sounds pretty boring. That is why it is advisable to place a music that goes according to your content and your audience.


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 Best tools to make intros on Twitch that give your channel an identity

Today, there are plenty of tools to make professional intros for streaming platforms like Twitch.

This is how here we are going to explain which are the best of them, keeping in mind that not all these tools help you achieve professional results:

A website that is specialized in what the intros are for streaming platforms such as Twitch, this is how this website is used by a large number of gamers when they want to create a really professional presentation for each of their videos .

Best of all, Biteable offers you a complete library of templates that will facilitate this creation process , which are completely customizable. It allows you to adjust images, animation, colors, adjust transitions, among many other details.


A fairly simple and easy-to-use editor, but this time it is a player that is only available for Mac computers . It offers all the necessary functions to be able to create an introduction that is interesting enough to capture the attention of your viewers.

It allows to apply what are the sound extractions, integration of animations and filters, titles and fast transitions. It is also one of the most recommended to take the first steps of editing and creating videos . This means that as you advance in this world of iMovie editing, you may start to get quite small to capture your ideas.



Developer: Apple

Price: Free


It is one of the most popular and used programs around the world, it was used for the Pulp Fiction movie , where they used its Premium version for it. In this way Lightworks is a program that is widely used by professionals thanks to all its functions and characteristics that will allow you to edit and create very good quality audiovisuals.


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It allows what is creating and editing with high definition formats, as well as a large number of options available. In addition, it offers two versions, the free one that will be somewhat limited and the Premium one that will be ideal if you want to work like a professional since it is a full version.


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 Download Lightworks for Windows

 Download Lightworks for MacOS

 Virtual Dub

Virtual Dub is ideal for all those users who are used to using .AVI files , which is why it is considered the best program for editing them. This is how this software will allow you to manipulate all the content in a very simple and easy way, where despite not being the most modern of all it offers you very interesting functions.

Its catalog of functions or advanced options are not very extensive, but it does offer you the basic and necessary characteristics so that you can create an intro like a professional for your streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube or others.

 Download Virtual Dub for Windows

 Blender Video Editor

Currently it is one of the most interesting professional tools that can be found for video editing for streaming platforms. This is how through Blender you will have the opportunity to create and design short reproductions of 10 seconds or less to turn it into your video intro.

It is a basic tool, but one that allows you to create completely professional editions thanks to all the options and functions it has. Among some of the functions that you can perform from there is that of color degradation , including 3D graphics editing, video masking, as well as transitions.

 Download Blender Video Editor for Windows


This video editor is currently one of the most interesting and sought after , and thanks to all its effects, filters and templates, it has become one of the best alternatives for many streams when creating content for their channels.

Among some of the functions that this includes is what are the transitions, filters, layers, animations, texts, and other lists of effects that you can find there and apply to your content. The truth of all this is that Filmora gives you the ability to create truly professional content and no matter how short it is, making it ideal for creating introductions.


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 Download Filmora for Windows

 Pinnacle Studio 24

It can be said that it is the complete opposite of Filmora, this program is mainly oriented for newbies, so it is ideal for those people who are starting to take their first steps in editing content. With Pinnacle Studio 19 you will have the opportunity to create truly incredible presentations without having to work too hard, all thanks to the different templates it offers you .

In it, you will be able to add different types of effects that will help you get the necessary attention from viewers, as well as many other details that will help you create professional intros without the need to be an expert in the area. It also offers you what the audio and video settings are , allowing you to get all the necessary potential out of your audiovisual content.

 Download Pinnacle Studio 24 for Windows

 Corel VideoStudio Pro X9.5

Corel VideoStudio is one of the most powerful tools when you want to edit videos, thanks to all its available effects and filters, so it has become a good option to create intro for your videos. It has around 1500 options available , allowing you to create content that is completely professional and original.

Here you will have the opportunity to make edits from the four angles of multicamera, and perform multitrack editing . This is how Core will always be a good alternative to carry out any type of audiovisual editing and creation.

 Download Corel VideoStudio Pro X9.5 for Windows

 Final cut pro

It is an ideal program to carry out audiovisual editions and the best of all is that it does not require any extra tool for its excellent operation. Therefore, Final Cut Pro is completely perfect for making quality videos, so it has basic and advanced options. As a disadvantage to this excellent software, it should be mentioned that it is only available for Mac computers , so Windows users will not be able to use it.


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