How to create an eye-catching Twitch intro for your viewers?

Twitch is a platform that serves to implement the Live Stream mode, its main focus being the world of video games, sports, music, art, among others. It is well known that one of the great competitions of YouTube today is Twitch , that although the latter does not handle a video modality like YouTube, it is true that many YouTubers have decided to migrate to this platform, since it offers more freedom of expression, monetization and other benefits.

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  1. What to consider when making an intro for a Twitch channel?
    1. Duration time
    2. That is according to the theme of the channel
    3. Use memorable clips from the channel
    4. Intro quality
  2. What is the way to make an intro for a Twitch live?
    1. From a web page
    2. With a video editor
  3. Why doesn’t it load the intro when it should appear?

What to consider when making an intro for a Twitch channel?

It is important to know in addition to the quality of the stream content , another quite remarkable detail in this world is the presentation.And what is more important for a good presentation than a quality Intro? An intro has to make known, in a set time, channel intentions, style, and even production level. To make a good intro, both on Twitch and YouTube, you must play with certain elements, such as:

Duration time

The duration time is a key factor in this issue, since it is important that in a short time, you can add all the elements that will serve to introduce yourself to yourself and present the channel , elements such as the name, sneak peaks, networks, photos , etc. They should be included in the intro, ideally it does not exceed 15 seconds in duration.

That is according to the theme of the channel

It is evident that the design and elements included in the channel’s intro will have to be according to the theme of the channel , since for example, if you have a sports channel and you are constantly giving reviews of matches or even narrating them, you will not put one video game intro.

Now, speaking of design, not necessarily the typography, the colors or the transitions have to be entirely related to the sport, but always following the rule that elements, such as the channel clips, if they are of the appropriate theme.

Use memorable clips from the channel

The common thing is that in an intro small shorts are added , or ‘sneak peaks’, of what happens within the channel, so if your channel is sports, you can put shorts referring to soccer, basketball, baseball, etc. Or even clips of you as the host, narrating something related to the channel, this accompanied by all the audiovisual design elements that you want to use to decorate the intro.

Intro quality

The quality of your intro will be measured by the way you use the elements described above, as well as their quality. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the level of production of an intro, in many cases, will help to give a hint of the quality of the channel itself.

Since, for example, if you make an intro with PowerPoint slides and images with watermarks, it will be noticed that the channel’s production is low and this will affect its image and the quality of the brand itself.

On the contrary, if you use your own animations, quality images and good clips, this will greatly increase the perception of category that people will have regarding the gray.

What is the way to make an intro for a Twitch live?

The most advisable thing for this type of productions is that the more own and original, the better. There are many tools, both paid and free, that will help you make default intros, as well as you can make an intro from scratch, putting together animations and video editors. In general, the most used options for this are:

From a web page

There are both websites and programs specialized in these topics, since in them you can make your intros in a predetermined way, selecting from a vast amount of options and templates, playing with fonts, transitions, images, colors, etc.

In general, these templates allow you, through certain formats, to be able to put all kinds of images and videos within the same intro. These tools can be obtained both free and paid, in general, the paid ones have a much broader catalog.

With a video editor

If you are a more thorough person, with more knowledge in design and wanting to put all your creativity to the test, you can always use video editors, such as Premiere, After Effects, etc. In order to be able to create your intro from scratch, with the greatest possible creativity.

This type of creation is more complicated, since if you do not have knowledge of the software, you will have to look for someone who does, since in addition to doing the classic video editing, you may also have to create animations, edit photos, fonts, etc.

Which takes work, although something that is true is that there are video editors that make this task much easier, such as Filmora, which offers you a vast catalog of options to be able to create an intro without being precisely a professional.

Why doesn’t it load the intro when it should appear?

There will be occasions when your intro will have problems starting, in some cases, it may be due to a bad rendering, to problems in the format of the intro, even, in some cases, this may be caused by problems in the internet, it all depends. It is for this reason that you must make sure that your intro is fully functional, even before you start broadcasting.

At the end of the day, the best of the tips to achieve a great intro on Twitch, is that despite the tool you choose, be as creative as possible, that you are clear about the theme of the channel, the target to which it is directed and above all things, be as original as possible, good luck!

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