How to create an email address

Nowadays it is normal to have multiple e-mail accounts, divided according to need with some created specifically to serve even a single purpose, while others more general on which to manage communications of various types. You can have one for work, one to sign up for online services, and perhaps a third for some small personal project.

So, if you are trying to figure out how to create a brand new email address and you need a little help to complete the procedures smoothly, then it is good that I am here on purpose to help you get the process done in the way. simpler, faster and more effective as possible.

However, since there are many providers to rely on, in this guide I will show you how to have your own personal e-mail address with the most renowned platforms available. Not only that, after the first part dedicated to these most famous and used providers, I will show you how to create a company email, a PEC mailbox and even an anonymous one, for any type of eventuality. Enjoy the reading!


  • How to create a custom email address
    • How to create a Gmail email address
    • How to create an Outlook email address
    • How to create iCloud email address
    • How to create an Alice email address
    • How to create a free email address
  • How to create a business email address
  • How to create PEC email address
  • How to create an institutional email address
  • How to create anonymous email address

How to create a custom email address

Creating a custom email address is really simple, so much so that it doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Obviously, since these are different platforms, each of them will require some minimal differences in the procedure, so it is necessary to treat them one by one separately.

How to create a Gmail email address

To create a new Google email address , you need to connect to this page where you are offered the option to log in or create a new account which will be provided with 15 GB of storage space. To start the procedure, click on the Create an account button located at the top right of your screen.

The next screen is the one where you have to go to enter your personal details, such as name and surname , and then write the initial part of your next e-mail address in the line that bears the words Username @ . Although Google tells you to enter your first and last name, there is nothing to stop you from entering any other combination of letters and numbers that you think you want to use for your inbox. Be careful though, what you enter here will be your next address , so try not to make any mistakes and use terms that are consistent with the purpose this email will serve.

When you choose the root of your Gmail address, you may see This username is already in use. Try another one that is found to mean that the name you used is not available, so you will have to use the suggestions that will be provided under the heading Available , or try to find a free one.

Once you have chosen the password to match (choose a secure password , please!), To proceed with the operations you have to click on the Next button , which will take you to the next screen where you will be asked to associate a telephone number to this address. If you already have another Google account associated with your number, don’t worry. You can have multiple addresses that refer to the same mobile number , so use yours as many times as you need.

Once you have entered your phone number, click again on the Next button to continue: in this way Google will send you a message with a verification code that you will have to enter in the new confirmation screen. Once entered, continue by clicking on the Next button again , passing to the section where you can enter a recovery email address (in case you lose your login details), date of birth and gender .

Once finished, press the Next button at the bottom again to switch to the Gmail configuration, which you can choose to do quickly by selecting the first item, or customize it according to your preferences, ticking the second of the two items you want. provides the site. This choice only affects the data that Google collects during your use.

Ultimately, you will be asked to accept Google’s cookie policy and terms of service , after which your account will be ready to receive and send emails . Once accepted, the main Gmail screen will automatically open, from which you can choose whether to activate smart features and personalization via personal data. The choice of whether or not to have these services does not affect the email service in the slightest , so the final decision is up to your personal preferences alone.

If, on the other hand, you wanted to use (or open) an account on mobile devices, then you could perform the same procedure from the browser or, from the Gmail mobile app (available for Android and iOS / iPadOS ) or from the menu Settings> Accounts / Mail> Google ‘s operating system. If you need more details, I leave you my dedicated tutorial for Gmail.

How to create an Outlook email address

If you are not interested in Google’s services but prefer Microsoft’s , then it’s time to tell you how to create your own email address on Outlook which offers 15GB of free space for.

First, then connect to this website , where you will have the option to access an existing account or create a new one from scratch. To start the setup, click the Create Free Account button located at the bottom right. From here you are offered the possibility to choose the initial part of your future address , with also three possible alternatives related to the final part.

By clicking on the arrow next to the suffix you can choose between , and . If the root of the email you have chosen is not available on (for example), it could be on, so I suggest you try all the options.

Once you have found the free option that is right for you, you have to click on the Next button to go to the next screen where you can enter the password (choose a secure password , please!). Once this aspect has also been decided, click on Next again and continue by entering your name and surname. Press Next again , enter your date of birth and country of origin, click on the same Next button again , complete the security verification and your account will be ready.

Now you can send and receive emails to your Microsoft account, the site should automatically redirect you to your mailbox which, otherwise, you can access this link .

If you want to follow the procedure from a smartphone or tablet, you can do it through the browser, by downloading the Outlook mobile app (available for Android and iOS / iPadOS ) directly on the device or from the menu Settings> Accounts / Mail> Outlook of the operating system. Learn more about how Outlook works here .

How to create iCloud email address

Do you prefer Apple services? No problem, let’s see together how to create an iCloud email address , which provides 5 GB of free storage space (expandable by purchasing iCloud space ). First you need to create a new Apple ID , which can be accomplished in different ways depending on the device you are using. In this guide I will perform the operation from the iPhone but you can also follow the same procedure from a PC by connecting to this page from the browser.

On iPhone and iPad, first you need to go to the Settings icon and press it, so as to find yourself in the screen where you can log in or create a new iCloud account. Tap on the first menu item that reads Log in on iPhone , now you have in front of you the section that allows you to access an existing profile by entering your credentials, or create a new one from scratch .

Press the writing You do not have an Apple ID or you have forgotten it and, from the window that opened, choose the item Create Apple ID . At this point you have to enter your credentials and, subsequently, tap on the word Next which is located at the top right of the screen. Once this is done, instead of entering an existing email, you will have to press on the item Don’t have an email address? and, from the window that opened, choose the phrase get an iCloud email address so that you will be offered the possibility to create your own iCloud address.

At this point, all you have to do is choose how to call your @ mailbox, tap on the word Create email address and you will have your new Apple ID already open and working directly on your device, from which you can start immediately to send and receive mail.

In case you want to access iCloud on other devices, you can access the webmail or configure the account in a classic e-mail client (eg Outlook ). To find out more, read my dedicated guide .

How to create an Alice email address

Alice is the historic TIM e-mail service, which is now part of TIM Mail which provides new users with 3 GB of space. To create a mailbox with this provider, you need to connect to this page and click Register which is located at the bottom of the box you see on the screen.

From here you can choose different options depending on whether or not you are a TIM customer for mobile or landline. Personally, having no profiles to associate, I choose the Register button for new TIM customers, but you choose the option that reflects your situation.

At this point it is time to enter all your personal details , the username to be assigned to the email account and choose some options related to privacy such as the sending of advertising material from TIM and third parties as well as the registration of behaviors for advertising personalization.

Once you have made sure that you have filled in each part correctly, all you have to do is click on the Register button at the bottom of the page to complete the procedure and be able to start using the mailbox.

The site will take you to the registration confirmation page, from which you can access your mail by pressing the Enter button and entering the credentials you just created. If you want to use the mailbox on mobile devices, you will need to use the browser or a third-party client (eg Outlook ), as there is no official TIM Mail app. More info here .

How to create a free email address

Even the Libero email account (with 1 GB of free space) does not require very different steps from all those seen so far and, to begin with, you need to open this page on your browser . From here, in the right pane you have to click on Register now to access the screen that allows you to create a new profile.

Enter your personal details, choose the name of your @ mailbox as well as the security key you prefer (choose a secure password , please!) Then, once finished, click on the Next button to proceed. Here you must provide the date of birth, the municipality of residence and your gender and then press the same Next button once again . Finally, you must choose your privacy preferences and provide a phone number that is needed for verification before clicking on the box that reads Register .

Once the procedure is finished, the site offers you the opportunity to access your new mailbox directly and start using it right away. If you want to use it on mobile devices, you can download the app ( Android / iOS / iPadOS ). More info on how to create a mailbox with Libero here .

How to create a business email address

If you need to create a corporate email address to use in the organization you work in, you can rely on various solutions. Among the most accredited providers are Google , which offers its Google Workspace service (formerly G Suite) , which I told you about in this tutorial , and Microsoft , with its Microsoft 365 accounts which I told you about here . In both cases we speak clearly of paid services.

How to create PEC email address

The PEC (certified e-mail) is a tool that allows you to give legal value to electronic communications comparable to that of a registered letter with return receipt : essential when you have to interface with institutions or in particular cases between individuals and companies.

There are various accredited providers you can contact ( here the complete list), and in most cases a payment of a few euros per year is required for a basic personal account (typically around 10 euros, but obviously the figures change from case to case). Some providers, such as LegalMail for example , offer the possibility of obtaining free trial periods. To find out more, I leave you to my article on how to create a PEC mailbox .

How to create an institutional email address

The institutional email is the one that, for example, university students and professors use for internal communications within the institute, which implies enrolling or carrying out a professional activity in a faculty in order to have one. In this case, the institute will provide an identification document with an identification number that will allow the creation of this mailbox. For all the details of the case, I leave you to my article in which I explain how to create an institutional mailbox .

How to create anonymous email address

In case you want to send emails without revealing your name or other more or less important details, you can contact services such as Emkei’s Mailer . To do this you have to use this link that takes you directly to the main page from which you can immediately start composing your email.

The service does not require registration and, to send your anonymous email, all you have to do is fill in the various text fields that you find in front of you, just like any other electronic letter. When you have finished and included any attachments, all you see is clicking on the Send button located below the text part to send the email to the recipient. If you want to know more about how to send anonymous emails , I leave you my dedicated tutorial .

If, on the other hand, you are interested in temporary mailboxes to receive emails from sites you don’t trust much, I recommend my tutorial on free temporary mailboxes without registration .

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