How to create an animation composition in After Effects?

Adobe After Effects is an application developed by the Adobe systems corporation, which is responsible for creating and editing compositions. A composition is the adaptation of special effects and animations to a common and current image, for this the author uses different plugins available in the software and in other similar services.

The application originated in the United States, when a company called “company of science an art” or science and art company for its acronym in Spanish decided to launch it on the market in mid-1993. However, the company was absorbed and ended up being a proprietary program of Adobe systems.

The tool has had great relevance for those users who are dedicated to creating audiovisual media . Initially, the program applied 2D and 3D effects to the images but with the rise of new technologies, a wide range of effects have been included that allow the creation of incredible animations in 4D .

How to create an animation composition in After Effects?

After Effects has transcended generations and today belongs to the group of most efficient professional programs when it comes to creating digital art . Another aspect in favor is that the process to apply effects does not require further adjustments, it only deserves a good coordination between the layers of the image and the rest will be the work of the application.

The audiovisual media is a new discipline that has been growing over the years. Today digital graphic arts are fundamental tools to make themselves known in the market. And it is that each company, business or corporation deserves an icon that identifies them.

Compositions are often the best option for creating pieces such as credit titles, television screens, headlines, or a specific program. Of course, they are also present on other electronic devices, such as the corporation’s logo that appears when turning on a mobile device.

Steps to create an animation composition in After Effects

A composition is the process by which an ordinary image is brought to life. For this, the author must play with the various effects and plugins available in the program. To create an animation composition you must carry out the following process:

Enter the program and select the image you want to edit. This will be centered on the screen. You can notice that to the right is a panel called “project” . It is there where the images and files that we are going to use will be located.

Now at the bottom of the screen is a section called “timeline” and it is where the information of the image that we are going to edit is located. The program separates the elements that it identifies in the image, for example in an image with a flower and a landscape, it will separate each of these to be able to edit them independently.

You can increase or decrease the elements, and even move them from one space to another. To create a composition we must take into account the dimensions of the video, the frame rate, and its duration.

Creating a new composition

Click at the top of the screen right on the “composition” section and then select the “new composition” option .

A dialog box will appear to select some settings for this. Add a name to identify it, and click on the “default settings” section to select the pixels, if you don’t know much about the options you can apply “HDV 1080 25”.

You can add a frame rate (25 recommended) and also select the “full” option in resolution . Now we click on the background color that we want to add and then click on «save» .

In this way we will have created a composition. The next step is to add the files you want and apply effects later.

Finally, it is important to note that this type of editing program has come to give a better touch to images or photographs. In such a way, that they have become a trend , but beyond this, it is very useful to give a professional effect to any design or image. It is because of this that its use has expanded, both in companies and personally.


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