How to create an account in Microsoft Office 365?

Today computing has allowed significant advances to be made to give its users the opportunity to have documents at hand. Of course this benefits companies, teachers, schools, students, offices and at home.

Before, people worked on a document such as Word, Excel, Power Point, but if they were not on their PCs, they did not have access to the file or in companies with many departments, they could not see a Word document in other areas of the same company. . This caused slowness in the execution of tasks that seemed simple.

And as we have seen computing and the internet go hand in hand to be able to give help to users, with the passage of time advances have created programs to facilitate work in the office, hence office automation was born.

This caused Microsoft to create Office precisely to help with this tool in the office, and today we see how it has been maintained over time with great success.

Changes do not wait, the evolution of this tool has arrived to allow access to a document from anywhere, having the possibility of storing it in the cloud, that is what Microsoft Office 365 does. Let’s see how to have one Microsoft Office 365 account ?, How to download it? What advantages when using this tool? We must bear in mind that these accounts are free for institutions like universities or colleges, otherwise you will pay.

How to have a Microsoft Office 365 account?

Almost all these tools that are at our disposal have the possibility of downloading them, what we are going to explain is how you can create this Microsoft Office 365 account, in order to have access to it and enjoy its benefits. You can opt for the Office 365 package paying or free if you have an institutional email, for example with the ending .edu.

Being a normal user to create an account and take advantage of these services, the first thing you have to do is create a Microsoft account:

Step 1

You go to the Microsoft Live website through the browser, there a window appears, click create an account.

Step 2

Followed by this you must enter an email  and then have a password to enter Microsoft Office 365.

Step 3

Then they will ask you to validate, which is to know if it is you who is doing this process, thus allowing you to execute the program function.

Step 4

Now you go to the Microsoft Office 365 page, enter your data from the email you just created along with your password.

Step 5

At this point it will tell you that you can choose two options, for office online which would be the basic plan or go to the premium version of office 365 giving you greater benefits. At this point, to obtain said license, you must pay for a plan that meets your needs.

It is very easy to enter or log in to the Office 365 administration portal.

How to get the free Microsoft Office 365 license

To obtain this free license, you must have an institutional email , either university or college, that is endorsed and participates within the Microsoft Office 365 program, in most cases 99.9% of universities can opt for this license for free and even other institutions. Many of these have integrated or give you a link in their internal emails so that you can log in directly with your account. But in this case you should not do the following:

  • Go to the following Microsoft Office 365 link
  • Enter your educational email address and get started
  • It will ask you if you are a student or a teacher, choose an option according to your case.
  • Then a small form will open where you must put your name and put a new password, this will be your Office 365 password.
  • Then it will ask you to confirm your email with a code that will arrive in your educational email, do the corresponding steps and that’s it.
  • You can now log in with a Microsoft Office 365 account with the full license and enjoy all its services. You just have to log in with your educational email address and the password you just created.

What are the advantages of Microsoft Office 365?

As we have said previously, this good tool gives us many advantages that can help improve its efficiency in the different fields in which we use.

We can mention some very attractive features of Microsoft Office 365, let’s start:

  • Just by having internet you can have access to this tool anywhere, remember everything is saved in the cloud: your emails, your files and office programs.
  • The concern of many is security, here you are guaranteed this, with absolute confidence of Microsoft’s support.
  • In the different areas of a large company everyone can have access to any document, this allows them to collaborate with each other in those large companies.
  • Also, you can use it on any smartphone with Android or IOS operating system.
  • You can download and install Microsoft Office 365 on a Mac or iPad.
  • Now you can free up space on your computer by storing it in the cloud.
  • You also have the option to update as the different versions come out, Microsoft Office 365 does it only for the user’s convenience.

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