How to create a web app for chrome and publish it on the chrome web store

Today we see how to create a web app for Google Chrome , test it, try it and publish it on the crome web store .

For more information on web apps, I refer you to the official Google website at this link .

I have already created a web app for the forum , so we will follow step by step everything I have already done to create and publish the web app

At the end of the tutorial we will have our web app published on the chrome web store




and once installed, when we go to open a new tab we will have the link to our webapp








which is nothing more than a link to our forum (but it is valid for any other web site, blog, …)

1 – We prepare the work tools

To make our first web app we need:

  • a 128 × 128 format image (icon)
  • a text editor (notepad is fine too)

2 – We create our web app

To create our web app, all we have to do is:

  • create a folder and call it “[yoursite] _webapp” (but we can call it whatever we like)
  • copy the 128 × 128 icon to the folder
  • create a new text file and rename it to ” json

At this point we open the manifest.json file in edit and insert the following code

{  “name”: “[your_app]”,  “description”: “[your_desc]”,  “version”: “1.0.0”,  “manifest_version”: 2,  “app”: {    “urls”: [      “[your_url]”    ],    “launch”: {      “web_url”: “[your_url]”    }  },  “icons”: {             “128”: “[your_icon]”       }}

Insert the data of your app in place of everything that I put between squares, for example for the values ​​are:

[your_app] =

[tua_desc] = passion for silver salts photography

[your_url] =

[your_icon] = icon.png

3 – Let’s test our web app

We are ready to test our web app using the tools that chrome itself makes available to us.

First we zip the newly created folder.

Let’s go to Chrome settings> Tools > Extensions













This will open the page with all our extensions installed.

We select the ” developer mode ”

And click on the ” Load Unpackaged Extension ” button .

We choose our zip file and confirm, we will also see our newly created extension among the extensions.

To verify its correct functioning we open a new Chrome tab , we should see our app together with the other installed apps.

We click on the app and verify that the link to our site (forum, blog, …) works correctly.

If all goes well we can proceed with the deployment on the chrome web store.

4 – We publish our web app

IMPORTANT: To publish our web app on the chrome web store it is necessary to pay a “donation” of 5 dollars to Google, the payment will be required before the final publication.

We access the chrome web store with our gmail account.

Click on the settings icon at the top right and access the developer dashboard

It will look more or less like this (don’t pay attention to my card already published, the first time it will obviously be empty)

Click on “Add new article” and select the zip file previously tested locally

At this point we must enter the detailed data of our app

A detailed description


An icon, a screenshot, any video and promotional images


The references


The categories


The eventual price


Language and other settings

Finally, click on ” publish changes ”

5 – We install our “official” web app

At this point we are ready to install our web app directly from the chrome web store.

So we access the link of our app


And we verify that it has been published correctly




If everything is ok we can click on the ” add ” button

At this point our app will be permanently installed .


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