How to create a virtual number to use WhatsApp

WhatsApp , unlike other instant messaging applications, bases its service on linking with a  phone number . But it is not strictly that we have a SIM card associated with a phone number, because we can get a  virtual number and, with it, create a WhatsApp account. Something useful to have a secondary account, for example, or to differentiate a WhatsApp for work use from another for only personal use.

How to  create a virtual number it is something that takes years making because, although now perhaps  WhatsApp the key to having interest therein, verification through phone number has spent years there. And there are users who are concerned about having to use their real phone number to sign up for certain online services. In the case of WhatsApp, as we mentioned, creating a virtual number does not serve to create a  secondary WhatsApp account or for other things. For example, create a WhatsApp account independent of our number, so that we can talk through the instant messaging service without being able to call us.

Why do we want a virtual number? We may want to have two WhatsApp accounts on our mobile phone but we cannot do so unless we have a real number. A virtual number is a number that does not need a SIM card and that we can use to

How to get a virtual number

There are dozens of applications that allow us to  get a virtual phone number to create our WhatsApp account on  both Android and iPhone mobile devices. And each of them has its peculiarities, but basically they work exactly the same way. The one we have chosen is Hushed, which you can download in the corresponding links at the end of this article, and with it we would do it as follows.

Creating a virtual number

Having downloaded and installed the application, open it on your mobile device and click on Start. Now you will have to click on Register, and use your email address and a password here. Access permissions to the microphone and others will be requested, but you can deny them if you are not going to use this application to communicate through it. Next, you will simply have to click on the Get new number button   and then choose from the list the  country of the virtual number that you are going to create, taking into account that not all services – voice, SMS and MMS – are available for virtual numbers of all countries.

Setting up the virtual number

In addition to choosing the country of the  virtual number , you can also choose – in some cases – the type of line. We are interested in selecting  Mobile , because it is the one that offers all the services in full. And lastly, we can also select the area, which will be what determines the prefix of the numbering of our virtual line to create the  WhatsApp account . And once this is done, an extensive list will appear from which we can choose the phone number that we like the most and that, for example, will cost us the least to remember.

Choose a plan for the virtual number

Maintaining a  virtual number has a cost, how could it be otherwise, and that is what the plans consist of. For $ 3.99 per month we have the unlimited plan, for example, but depending on the selected country we may have to choose an international rate. Actually, what interests us is not the SMS that you let us send, nor the minutes of calls that we can consume, but having the virtual line to be able to receive the  confirmation SMS when registering in WhatsApp, or receive calls for verification with this method.



Other options

We can choose other applications that can serve us for the same, that is, create a number with which to register another WhatsApp account.

We can use FreePhoneNum a website where we can receive SMS messages online from a number that we will previously have to get on this website. Not only can we receive, but we can also send SMS if we need it and even free phone calls. They put at our disposal numbers from the United States and Canada , so if we need to register WhatsApp we will do so with one of these two options, since they will allow us to receive the SMS sent by the Facebook app.

With the Twilio website  we can get a private and free phone number. You must know that to achieve this we must put our real number, since they will send us an authentic SMS to confirm our identity.  The free version only allows you to receive SMS , while if we need to send we will have to go to the Premium version , although in this case sending messages is not something we need. In addition, the version is free for a few days , the ideal ones to open another WhatsApp account. it works very well and is a good way to achieve the end we want to achieve. It is very easy to use with a very institute interface that we will know how to handle at all times.

We can also use the Android application called Telos Free Mobile Number , since it will allow us to have several virtual numbers on our mobile or tablet and thus manage to register another WhatsApp account and all without having to change the SIM card. We can choose a toll-free number in the United States , although the others will be paying. It has unlimited call and message plans, being able to add up to 4 new numbers . Everything works really well with this app in which, of course, we can receive SMSto be able to register WhatsApp. Some of the countries that we can use if we consider it are Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden or the Netherlands, among others. It should also be noted that the people you call, if you consider having a calling plan, do not need to have this app installed and they will be able to answer you as they normally do. The operating system is practically the same as the one we saw above with Hushed, so creating a couple of new lines will not be any kind of problem and will be done very easily.

Create a WhatsApp account with a virtual number

When we have our  virtual number created and working, it will work like a  conventional phone line . The difference, and it is not little, is that it will always have to be managed through this application and we will not be able, for example, to use the Phone app for it. Be that as it may, we can create a WhatsApp account  with a virtual phone number despite the limitations they have, and the way to proceed is as simple as it would be with a conventional phone number, or almost.

WhatsApp will ask us for a  phone number to register the account. We will enter the virtual number that we have just created and, obviously, we will take into account the  prefix to be used according to the country of the phone number created, because by default WhatsApp will use the prefix of our real country. Once this is done, and accepted, WhatsApp will automatically send an SMS message to that line, and we should find it in the Hushed application; if so, just enter it and verify the account creation.

If the SMS does not appear, then we would have to wait for the counter to reach 00:00 and, at that moment, request the  verification by call . When doing so, they will call us at the telephone number of our virtual line and they will  dictate a numerical code. This numerical code is entered in WhatsApp and from then on the account registration with our virtual phone number will be confirmed.

Do you need a virtual number in Telegram?

A very useful alternative to all of the above is to use Telegram. Since we have the virtual number, can we use it in Telegram? There’s no need. You can have two Telegram accounts on a single mobile without the need for a virtual number, although you will need a prepaid card or a card that you are going to use temporarily. You will not necessarily have to have the SIM card in the phone but simply check the verification code and then forget about it. In this case the steps are much simpler than in WhatsApp:

  • Open Telegram
  • Go to the menu in the upper left corner
  • Tap on Add account under your username
  • Choose the country and the country phone code
  • Write the phone number you want to add
  • Follow the steps

You will receive a Telegram message in a chat with the verification code or by SMS. Once it is confirmed, you can forget about that number or the SIM card because it will be saved indefinitely until you uninstall the app or close the session, so you will not need a virtual number in this case and it is much faster and safer than WhatsApp.

Use a landline number instead of a virtual one

There may be many reasons why we want to create a WhatsApp account with a number that is not ours or because we do not want to have to register a mobile line, with the expense that this entails, to use only the messaging app . We have seen how it is possible to get a virtual number for WhatsApp, but the truth is that there is another way to avoid the use of a mobile number to use the famous app.

We mean creating an account with a landline number . Yes, you heard right, there is a way to create an account with your home or office landline. The trick is to use the business version of the messaging app, WhatsApp Business. Therefore, the first thing we have to do is install the app on our phone, it is compatible with the Messenger version, so we can have both on the same phone without problem.

Once installed, these are the steps to follow:

  • We open the app and click on Accept and Continue .
  • The app will recognize our mobile number, but we will have to indicate that we want to use a different number.
  • We enter the fixed number that we want to use, a virtual number is no longer necessary for WhatsApp.
  • The moment you ask us to verify the number, click on the Call me option , since we cannot receive SMS on the landline.
  • Next, we will receive a call on the landline phone that will provide us with the verification code .
  • We introduce it and we can start using the messaging app.

On this occasion, instead of having to create a virtual number for WhatsApp, we can use a fixed number, even one that we do not use (although we have to be able to receive calls).


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