How to create a survey for WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp is the main instant messaging application, and although it doesn’t usually incorporate as many features as its great adversary Telegram, the truth is that from time to time they add something interesting, such as the possibility of creating surveys .

This is a function that many users have been asking for for a long time, and a good example of this is that there are dozens of third-party tools to carry out surveys for WhatsApp groups. Luckily, for a few months now it has been possible to make this type of query among your contacts without the need to use any additional application. Let’s see how it works!

How to make a survey for WhatsApp

If you want to create a survey for one of your WhatsApp groups, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp and enter the group or chat where you want to send the survey.
  • In the lower area, click on the clip icon.
  • Among all the available options select « Survey«.
  • Fill in the form fields to create the survey and write a question, as well as all the possible answer options.
  • Click on ” +Add” to add as many responses as you see fit.
  • If you wish, you can change the order of the answers by clicking with your finger on the icon with four stripes that appears next to each answer.
  • When you have everything ready, click on the green send icon that you will see in the lower right area.

Once the survey is published in the group, you will be able to see the votes that people make in real time. You can also click on « See votes » to see the results of the poll in full screen.

Other third-party applications to do surveys on WhatsApp

As we said at the beginning, this WhatsApp group survey is not something new, and there are many tools to make this type of query. The advantage that third party survey apps have is that they allow us to set a deadline for responding to the survey . Something that unfortunately today still cannot be done with the native function of WhatsApp.

Polls for WhatsApp

Creating a survey for WhatsApp with this web page is quite fast and simple. It requires a few steps that you can complete in a few seconds: you just have to enter the question and then the answer options. After this you will get a survey that you can share with the members of the group through a direct link or simply share it directly . The process is very simple:

  1. Enter the Polls.frwebsite from your mobile, tablet or computer.
  2. Next, a brief form will appear where you must fill in the survey data: 1 question, 2 default response options (you can add more if you wish) and a deadline to answer.
  3. When you have all the necessary data, press the green button that says “Submit”.
  4. You will see the options to share on WhatsApp or copy the direct link, select the one of your preference.
  5. Done, your friends just have to click on the link in the answer and the votes will be counted automatically.

This is how the survey would look like on WhatsApp.

Using this tool is quite straightforward, you don’t need to register on the website to vote or to create the polls and there is no limit to the number of votes you can create.

Because it is a web page, you can access it from any device, be it a smartphone, tablet or computer. And you can even use it from an Android or iPhone mobile since it does not require a specific application that we must install.

It is not recommended that you share personal data through these surveys, as it may not be protected with any encryption that prevents the theft of your information. So use it only informally.

This is what the result of the vote would look like.

WhatsApp Polls (

This is another option that you can use as a tool to create your survey, it is also a website, very similar to the previous one, fast, without registration and easy to use.

  1. Enter the WhatsApp Polls websitefrom your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  2. Once on the website, a small form will appear that you must fill out with the survey data.
  3. First enter 1 question, then 2 answer options (you can add more if you wish), finally set a deadline to vote.
  4. Once you enter all the data, click the button that says “Save and share with WhatsApp”.
  5. Then you must choose if you want to send the survey together with the “Share the poll along with choices” options or if you only want to share the survey link “Share only the poll link”.
  6. Once you choose the option you want, select the “Share to WhatsApp” button and it will redirect you to the application so you can share it with the group you want.

I recommend that you choose the option “Share the poll along with choices” so that you can share the poll along with the choices and in this way the group participants can vote directly through the link of the option they want.

The great and useful thing about these tools is that in both alternatives you can see the results of the vote while you select the option you want. Since once you select the option link, the voting percentages that each of the response options have appears.

You can also check the remaining expiration time of the survey and once the time is over it is possible to view the total result of the survey. If you want this survey to reach more people, it is totally feasible to send it to other contacts or even to other WhatsApp groups .

Knowing the opinion of your contacts has never been so easy and now you know that you can do it in an easy and very simple way, saving you conflicts and discussions in your WhatsApp group.


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