How To Create a shortcut with Siri to show the COVID Certificate

Many users need to have their vaccination passport handy. We already know that the COVID Certificate can be downloaded in different formats, including from Wallet on the iPhone . But there is an additional way to have the COVID Certificate on hand , and that is with Siri. A very simple shortcut will help us in this task.

First step: download your COVID Certificate in PDF format

In order to use this shortcut with Siri, we will first need to obtain the COVID Certificate in PDF format. We can request it from the website of the Ministry of Health , following the process and completing the request . When choosing the format, we must choose the one that allows us to obtain a PDF or equivalent.

From an iPhone or Mac, save the COVID Certificate in iCloud Drive, in the folder of your choice. Remember where you have placed it, regardless of whether it is loose in the main directory or within several folders. Of course, we recommend that you change the name of the file, to make it more recognizable.

Create a shortcut with Siri to show the COVID Certificate

Now that we have the COVID Certificate ready and saved to iCloud Drive, we will create a shortcut to quickly display it . From the iPhone, we will follow these steps:

  • Open Files on your iPhone and find the PDF document that contains the certificate.
  • Press and hold your finger on the file until the options appear, choose Share.
  • From here you will see several options, choose Share file in iCloud, as the screenshot shows.
  • A new menu will appear with the different ways to share it. IMPORTANT: In the sharing options, choose “Anyone with the link” so that Siri can access the file.
  • Then choose Copy link and then Copy link again, as shown in the screenshots.

Now we have created a direct link to the COVID Certificate in our iCloud Drive. It is time to open Shortcuts on the iPhone and build the following “recipe”:

  • Give it whatever name you want, but keep in mind that that name will be the “magic words” to display the certificate. In our case, we have used “Teach COVID”.
  • In the action search engine, we write URL and choose the action “URL”.
  • We paste the link to iCloud Drive in the available field and click OK.
  • We return to the search engine and type URL again and choose “Open URL”.
  • We finalize the shortcut and execute it, giving it the appropriate permissions.

Download COVID Certificate on iPhone: comparison to understand which system is more secure and how to install and manage our certificate

With this we would have it ready. From now on, we can ask Siri to show us our COVID Certificate every time we say the magic words . Mind you, this shortcut only works on the iPhone when it is unlocked. Neither the Apple Watch nor the Mac can run it.

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