How to create a shared world in Minecraft

The different variants and game modes that we can find in Minecraft , is what has earned it its great popularity and acceptance among the world of video gamers. This without naming that it is possible to have news thanks to its periodic updates. And then we will offer you a new way that will allow you to enjoy with your friends. Where we will explain how to create a shared world in Minecraft and you can play with friends in the same scenario.

There is so much growth that this open world game has experienced that it is now possible to play on any mobile platform and not just on the PC. And in this way to be able to explore fantastic worlds, face mystical characters. Create a village with villagers and everything, even facing Zombies, but best of all, fun is guaranteed.

Therefore, in this article, you will learn about some methods that will allow you in a very simple way to  create a shared world in Minecraft and thus play in the same scenario with your friends. And you will be able to verify that it will be as easy as playing Minecraft without having internet or data plan, so let’s see how we can achieve it.


  • Steps to create shared worlds in Minecraft
  • How to open your server to create shared worlds in Minecraft

Steps to create shared worlds in Minecraft

In order to achieve our mission and create a shared world to play with friends, you will need to create a server. For this it will be necessary that you have a Minecraft Premium account available . The other essential requirement to carry out our business is to install the Minecraft Server software on our personal computer.

Once we have ready these necessary requirements to create our server, we must go to the Windows 10 start button. This to be able to access the command prompt and for this it will only be enough to type in Search Execute. This action will show us its window and in them we must write the CMD command.

Now a black window will be displayed on the screen in which we must write a command and we must write the following Ipconfig / all and then you must press the Enter key. The next step is to write the IP address of your registry now. Up to this point everything should go very well and we must now go to our favorite search engine.

In it we must write the IP in the address bar, the same we wrote before in the command prompt and the next step is to press Enter. Now you will be asked for two pieces of information that you must have on hand and which are the router’s username and password. Now is the time to go to the Port Forwarding tab, at this time select the ports to use and write the IP address.

How to open your server to create shared worlds in Minecraft

To finish it is necessary to click on Save Settings and in this way you have created an open port to play multiplayer Minecraft . Now the next step is to enter your Minecraft account and log in. Now on your PC you must look for the program that you previously installed from Minecraft Server.

Once you are in the program you must go to op username and change the name to your username. Now back to Minecraft, you must choose the Multiplayer option and you must write the following number 25565 and voila, you have already created your server to be able to play with your friends in the same world.

As you can see it is a somewhat long process to carry out, but if you follow the steps that we have indicated to the letter you will not have problems. And you will be able to create a shared world in Minecraft and play on the same stage with your friends.


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