How to create a poll on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world, today it is practically impossible to find a person who does not have an account on this platform. Instagram can be used for many purposes , be it as a personal blog, as a business page, as a student account, or in general for any use that you can think of.

In this social network you can not only interact with your followers with the publications you make in your feed, because there are also other ways in which you can share with your friends, and we are just talking about Instagram stories . This function has almost infinite creative possibilities just like the feed has, since you have a lot of functions that will help you to complement your content, such as surveys.

Instagram polls allow you to know through questions with two possible answers the opinion of your followers, so it could become a very interesting tool and this time we will talk a little about how it works.

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  1. On what occasions can surveys be used on Instagram?
  2. How can I do a survey on Instagram?
  3. What types of polls are there on Instagram?
    1. Yes or No Answers
    2. Multiple responses
    3. Open responses
  4. How can I view the survey responses on Instagram?
  5. What tips to follow so that my surveys attract attention?
    1. The location of the survey
    2. Clear questions
    3. Include emojis
    4. Use flashy backgrounds

On what occasions can surveys be used on Instagram?

As we mentioned above, Instagram polls are used to find out the opinion of your followers on a topic that may have only two responses. This is because the operation of Instagram polls is that through your stories you will place one of the so-called “Question Stickers” that has a section to write a text that is usually just a question, together with two boxes that represent a negative and positive answer.

Your followers will be able to see in your stories the text that you have written on this sticker and they will have the possibility to vote for either of the two options ; both the positive (yes), and the negative (no). In this way, one of the most useful occasions in which you can use this function of Instagram stories is when you are interested in knowing the opinion of your followers about a topic, because by voting on the two options provided by the sticker , you can get an idea of ​​people’s opinion.

How can I do a survey on Instagram?

You just have to enter the part of your stories , select a photo from your gallery, take a photo from Instagram or even create a text background. After that, you just have to enter the stickers section in the options that appear after creating the story and add the sticker of the survey.

Default so you will get a text box with two boxes, one of Si and another not . Both the text box and the yes boxes and you cannot modify them to write anything creative you can think of.

What types of polls are there on Instagram?

On Instagram there are more than one question sticker that can help you learn more about the information you want to get from your followers.

Yes or No Answers

This type of survey is what we have been talking about throughout the post; You have a text box that you can modify to ask the question that you want, and two predetermined boxes with the options of Yes and No that serve to answer the question of your survey, although these can also be modified.

Multiple responses

With the question sticker you can get multiple responses from your followers , because this function, although not created specifically to serve as a pollster, also allows you to collect information about what your followers want to tell you. Basically, this function presents a box where you can place any text with a reply box underneath where your followers can write any message to you.

Open responses

With the scale sticker you can get information from your Instagram followers about anything you want to know. With this function of the stories of the platform, you must place the sticker in question next to a question that can be answered through a movable scale that your followers can use to communicate to you how much they agree or disagree with the information you are sharing.

How can I view the survey responses on Instagram?

To see the responses to your Instagram polls, you just have to enter the stories that you have shared in the polls and go to the visualizations section . There you will be able to see both the followers who saw your survey, as well as those who answered it and you will even know their response.

What tips to follow so that my surveys attract attention?

There are some tips that you can follow so that your Instagram polls attract much more the attention of the users who see it, and we will comment on some of those tips.

The location of the survey

If you complement your survey with the Instagram stories location sticker, you could arouse the interest of the person who is seeing what you have shared. In addition, this can also help you to give more information about what you want to know with your question, making it a good complement for surveys.

Clear questions

The intention of Instagram surveys is to know the opinion of your followers, and in order to correctly collect that information you must be very clear in the questions you are asking , because if the question is not understood, surely not many people will answer the survey.

Include emojis

Including emojis in your surveys can make your followers more friendly to see what you are asking, and that could help you have more interaction in the survey.

Use flashy backgrounds

If you use flashy backgrounds in the stories that you will use to do the surveys, you will get your followers to interact much longer with it, so you would have a better chance of answering your questions. It is for this reason that placing eye-catching backgrounds is one of the best tools you can use, either using a nice photo or any other similar method. You can find all types of images or backgrounds from the Pixabay image bank .


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