How to create a poll on Facebook in 2021?

Facebook was one of the first social networks to appear in the mid-2000s. Despite its age, the platform has a large number of users worldwide. The platform has included new features such as surveys to maintain its appeal. However, many people still do not know how to take advantage of all these functions, so we will tell you how to create a survey on Facebook in 2021 .

Two options to create a survey on Facebook in 2021

The functions that the social network offers to its users have changed over the years. The company even expanded its horizons by investing in new technologies such as neural bracelets to control virtual reality glasses .

Among the many functions that Facebook has, the ability to create surveys in 2021 stands out. They are a new way to share with other users. There are currently 2 different ways to take advantage of this feature .

Conduct surveys on stories from your mobile or cell phone

Polls on Facebook stories are perhaps one of the most popular options for everyone due to its similarity to Instagram polls. People can ask a question and set 2 options for followers to answer.

This specific survey will have the same duration as conventional stories, that is, 24 hours. Any user can create a survey on Facebook stories, to do so, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Access the Facebook application.
  2. Select the option to create a story.
  3. Slide in the options in the upper row until you find “Survey” and select it.
  4. Write the desired question in the “Ask a question …” section.
  5. Modify the options according to what you want to know.
  6. Select the “Share” option.

These surveys can be modified at the convenience of each user. In this sense, it is possible to edit the background colors, and even place any image from the gallery . Users can also add desired emoticons and effects, as well as modify privacy. This type of survey can be done without problem through mobile or cell phone.

Take a poll on the wall or a page

The possibility of creating a poll on the wall or a page was announced by Facebook a few years ago and it is still working in 2021. This option allows users to create polls with a longer duration. Additionally, options can be animated with images or GIFs to make them more interactive . Doing this type of survey is very simple and fast, for this it is only necessary to do the following:

  1. Enter your profile, page or group where you want to publish the survey.
  2. Click on “What’s on your mind” if you’re on your profile or “Write something” if you’re on a page.
  3. Locate the option “Survey” and select it.
  4. Write the desired question in the corresponding box.
  5. Write the 2 desired options, it is important to note that a maximum of 25 characters can be written.
  6. Upload the images you want or use the GIFs available on Facebook.
  7. Select the duration of the survey.
  8. Publish the poll and wait for the votes to come in.

The 2 options available to create polls on Facebook in 2021 offer users a new way to find out what their friends think about a certain topic. Unfortunately, the option to post a poll on the wall is not available in all countries. In this way, you just have to explore and select the option that best suits your needs.


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