How to Create a Nether Portal in Minecraft

The Nether is very useful within Minecraft , it is useful for transportation and to get objects even more powerful than the diamond . To get the best out of exploring your world you must learn how to go to it for it, here we tell you everything.

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  1. What is the Nether within the world in Minecraft?
  2. What is the function of the Nether portals?
  3. Materials needed to create a portal to the Nether
  4. How are obsidian blocks mined in Minecraft?
  5. How can these portals be created in Minecraft?
    1. In creative mode
    2. In survival mode
  6. How can I activate my portal if it is already done?

What is the Nether within the world in Minecraft?

The Minecraft universe can be divided into 3 dimensions: the Overworld, Nether and End . In them the player can get different improvements to their equipment, new enemies to fight or trade with and all kinds of fauna and flora.

The Nether is in this world a parallel to the idea of ​​hell , being a place with rivers and oceans of lava and magma. In addition, it contains ghosts, fire entities (blaze and magma cubes), vanished skeletons (withers) and many more enemies.

On the other hand, it is of great interest to travel to the nether for useful materials for potions , as well as the mythical material Netherite, which has a hardness higher than diamond. This will allow the player to better equip themselves for this hostile environment and their preparation for the end of the game.

What is the function of the Nether portals?

To travel to the different dimensions of the game, players must go through magical portals . In the case of the Nether, the player must create his own, he can even create several.

This is very useful, since traveling through the Nether is 8 times faster than traveling in the Overworld . This means that we can make a portal system that allows us to travel great distances in the Overworld, without having to overcome obstacles on the ground.

Materials needed to create a portal to the Nether

Nether portals are constructed of a single material , obsidian. This is not very difficult to obtain, the difficult thing will be to extract it from the place where it is located. For this reason we will need the following in the creation of the portal:

  • A bucket of water
  • A diamond pick (3 diamonds and two wooden sticks)
  • A lighter (flint and steel)
  • A lava pool (of at least 10 lava blocks)

How are obsidian blocks mined in Minecraft?

The first thing we must get is Lava . As lava is a bit difficult to find on the surface, it is best to go down in our favorite mine until you find a pool of considerable size.

Then with our bucket that we will have filled with water previously , we will pour the water block so that it spreads on the surface of the lava blocks. Now we must mine the obsidian blocks that have appeared with a diamond pickaxe.

We must be very careful when extracting it because once mined the block can fall on the lava that is under it and be lost forever .

How can these portals be created in Minecraft?

Unlike portals to the End, portals to the Nether can be created in survival mode . However, the creation method in creative mode is similar.

In creative mode

Here we will have the facility to find the obsidian blocks in the inventory of the creative mode . We only need to build a rectangle of obsidian 4 blocks long by 5 blocks high (14 blocks in total).

Alternatively, as well as the fire blocks the portal’s own purple interior can be found as a single block. This can be used to make decorative portals of different sizes .

In survival mode

In survival mode, mining these blocks even with the best enchanted pickaxe that we can get without going to the Nether took a long time to mine the 14 obsidian blocks . To make life easier, we will only mine 10.

Then we only have to make a rectangle 4 blocks long by 5 high. The difference is that the corners of our portal will not be made of obsidian , these segments of the portal can be replaced with any other block in order to save material.

How can I activate my portal if it is already done?

Once the portal to the Nether is made, we must “light” one of the inner sides of the portal with our lighter (by right clicking). Once the portal is on, we can send animals or enter ourselves .

Keep in mind that a similar portal will appear in the Nether where you will exit and this can be extinguished by explosions like that of ghosts. On the other hand, removing one of the 10 main blocks from the portal will shut down the portal.

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