How to Create a Liquid Glitch Transition Effect in After Effects

Giving the Liquid Glitch transition look has become very popular in recent months, as it has been consistently applied in both amateur videos and professional productions on different screens.

One of the benefits of this effect is that it can be applied to different visual aspects , such as text, images and specific designs.

Due to its continuous application, many editors have decided to integrate such visualization among their animations. So Adobe could not be left behind in this regard.

Adobe After Effects works as a tool used on a professional level. Offering the sequence of tools necessary to create this effect on any layer or aspect that you want to integrate in your video.

That is why it has been decided to dedicate today’s article to him. So that you can learn to insert it and thus attract more attention to your content.

Is the Liquid Glitch transition effect enabled in Adobe After Effects?

Since this type of animation can be inserted on any style and design that makes up the audiovisual file. There is no default setting to do this.

In itself, After Effects is responsible for being a program designed to create or modify the composition of a video. As well as it can improve the quality of graphics and special effects that can be displayed within it.

Thanks to this, you acquire the professional use that we have mentioned above. Because it has a high-efficiency operating method, in order to create high-quality results.

Its degree of specialization as far as special effects are concerned, makes achieving the liquid Glitch transition possible on the number of layers on which it is made. Although it clearly requires applying a series of previous steps to achieve it.

Insert the Liquid Glitch transition effect into After Effects

To begin with, each new project requires creating a new composition to begin editing the content. In this case, the new composition will be made from scratch and without importing external files.

At the end of configuring the composition and accepting it , you must insert what you want to apply the effect to. Whether it is a text, a logo, an image or a design, it must be located within the composition box, preferably fully centered, in order to start editing.

The layer that has the object that will execute the Liquid Glitch transition requires that its channels be separated. So you enter the effects tab and within the “Channel” section you will find the “Shift Channels” option.

This executes the color scheme (red, blue and green) that is displayed within the video. To properly create a Glitch effect. For each layer of object, a single color must be kept activated , in order to give the impression of interference. In other words, copy and paste each of the layers of the object, so that each one corresponds to a color.

It should be noted that each layer must obtain an animation (only if the user wishes) and the series of effects that the editor prefers to improve the visualization of the object.

Liquid transition

As for the liquid transition, it will be necessary to create a new layer. Which must be applied to all numbers of objects within which the effect will be established.

The name of the transition that creates the desired effect is called “Scale Wipe”. Within which you can configure the style, angle and direction to perceive the desired ” liquid ” state .

These two settings are the main ones to create the Liquid Glitch transition effect easily. So it is up to you to insert new animations to improve the result.

One of the greatest benefits of After Effects is that despite being a software for professional use, it has no difficulty in understanding or usability. So even a novice can achieve quality edits if they practice enough.

Now through these simple steps you will finally be able to obtain the ideal visual for your videos. Attracting more people to review your multimedia content through platforms such as YouTube or public spaces that are willing to play them.


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