How to create a label in Gmail from my Android cell phone – Easy and fast

Email from Google, better known as Gmail, it is a platform that provides functions similar to those of other companies email. But also it has associated services to the multinational company Google.

Gmail is a research project that remained in the study for at the least two years, being released to the market in mid 2004. Today it is established as a free platform on which are sent and received over 200,000 emails to the day and which is funded solely through advertising.

Some of the outstanding characteristics of this service is its storage capacity, as it has more than 20 Gb shared between Gmail and Google Drive. So it will not be necessary to delete old emails to free up space.

How to create a label in Gmail from my Android cell phone?

Currently the electronic messaging service is available on any smart device with internet access . And even Gmail goes beyond just any email, since it has been established as a personal account associated with the device and therefore the user.

Every Android device requires at least one email account to enjoy Google services. For example the multimedia storage service of Google photos in which you can download photos or videos , or the storage of other documents to the Google drive cloud . And even to access the search engine of the company Google Chrome.

Being a fundamental tool for electronic devices , Gmail has been making improvements to its services. Managing the files stored on the platform is quite simple. In addition, the user has the possibility of eliminating content that they do not consider important and organizing those that are.

Steps to create a label in Gmail from my Android cell phone

In Gmail, the organization of emails can be carried out through a method called “labels” , in which emails are basically grouped according to the type of content they handle and a name is given as a reference.

This method is quite useful for those users who handle large amounts of information in their account , as it allows them to manage the documents in a simple way. To create a label in Gmail follow the instructions below:

  • The first thing we must do is access the email account from the web, that is, from Google. Well, this option is not yet available in the device application.
  • Click on the menu with three horizontal lines and scroll to the end, now select “desktop” to use the Gmail version of the computer, in which it is possible to create labels.
  • Go to the main screen of your account and click on the services menu, in the left side section. Now go to the option “edit labels” located at the end of the folders.
  • Scroll down the list of options and click on «create» .
  • Gmail gives you the option to add a referential name to identify each label.
  • When adding a name, click on «create» .
  • You can create as many labels as you consider necessary. Try creating one for each type of important content you have and then move the emails to each tag.

How to edit and delete a label in Gmail from my Android cell phone?

To edit a label, enter your Gmail email account from your computer, click on the options menu located on the left side, then slide into the list of labels and select the one you want to edit. Click on the drop-down arrow and click “modify” . Make the necessary changes and then click on «save» .

The process to delete a label is quite similar, you must enter the computer and click on the options menu. Swipe over the tags you have created and select the ones you no longer need, then click on the drop-down arrow and click “remove tag . 

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion. Have you been able to create a label in Gmail from my Android cell phone? Do you know of another method that allows this action to be carried out? Leave us your answers in the comments.


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