How to create a Hi5 account

Hi5 used to be one of the most important social networks on the entire internet years ago , but due to the strong popularity of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, Hi5 has been a bit relegated to the background. However, there are still many users who continue to use the social network, as it has mutated into a kind of website for dating or flirting .

Therefore, if you are interested in starting to use this social network , we will show you how you can create a new account and we will tell you what your data is that Hi5 requires so that you can enter the social network.

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  1. What personal data does Hi5 require to open the account?
  2. Can you register using an account from another service?
    1. Using Facebook
    2. With Google account
  3. Can I use the details of an old account?
  4. Can your account be suspended due to inactivity?
  5. How to contact Hi5 support?

What personal data does Hi5 require to open the account?

You must first enter Hi5, either through its website or by downloading the application on your Android or iOS mobile. When you enter, you will see a section to register in which you must give your name, your email, the city where you live, your gender and a password, as is done with other dating sites, such as Okcupid . Then you click on Register and that would be it.

When you enter Hi5 for the first time, you will get a notice asking you to enter an access code , and this code will arrive at the email with which you have created your account. If you go to the main tray of your email and do not see the email, then look in the Spam section.

Can you register using an account from another service?

To register in Hi5 you basically have 3 options; with your email; with Facebook and with Google . We will explain the first option to you in the previous section, but the Facebook and Google option will be explained to you below.

Using Facebook

To register with Hi5 using your Facebook account, you must first click on the Facebook option when entering the social network for the first time. The website will ask you to log in with your Facebook account , so you must enter your email or phone number and password associated with said social network. You will then need to grant Hi5 permissions to use your Facebook information, and after that, you will have already created your Hi5 account.

With Google account

The other option that Hi5 provides to create an account is with Google, just like Badoo does . When you enter the social network for the first time, you have to click on the Google option to be able to log in. When you do, they will ask you to enter your Gmail email along with the password .

Can I use the details of an old account?

In theory not, because the data of the old account, such as email, is kept in the Hi5 database. What you can do is log into your old Hi5 account again if you remember the necessary data, such as username or email and the password to log in again.

Can your account be suspended due to inactivity?

At Hi5 at the moment there have been no account suspensions due to inactivity . The social network itself says that the reasons why your account may be suspended (temporarily or permanently) is because: you upload photos that promote pornography, nudity or explicit material; Upload photos of another Hi5 member without their permission or because you are uploading copyrighted material.

How to contact Hi5 support?

Hi5 recently introduced a technical support for its users which can serve to clarify any doubt or solve any problem that the members of the social network present. To enter this technical support you must clearly be on the web and go to the ” Support ” section, and there you will find a question section to clarify anything you need.

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