How to create a group on WhatsApp

Are you looking for how to create a group on WhatsApp ? Here’s everything you need to know to create WhatsApp groups: the complete procedure.

WhatsApp group can be considered as a real virtual room , nowadays they are particularly popular both in the family and in the workplace, and surely you have wondered why. The fact is that this feature is very useful in the case of urgent communications involving several people or even to share phrases, memories and multimedia files with that old company of friends you had long ago.

How do you say? Do you want to create a group yourself and fear that the procedure is too complicated? By now being a loyal reader of ours you should know that we can explain even the most difficult topics with the utmost clarity, moreover the procedure is extremely easy and intuitive.

Are you ready to find out how to do it? All right, let’s start then.


  • Creating WhatsApp groups: the complete procedure
    • How to create a WhatsApp group with iPhone and Android
    • How to create a WhatsApp group from your PC
  • How to create a group on WhatsApp without saving contacts
  • How to create a group on WhatsApp with links
  • How to create a WhatsApp group from another group
    • First method
    • Second method
  • How to create read-only WhatsApp group
  • How to create a secret group on WhatsApp

Creating WhatsApp groups: the complete procedure

How to create a group on WhatsApp using your smartphone or tablet? Very simple, first of all, of course, make sure you have downloaded the WhatsApp app, available for free on both the Play Store and the App Store, on your device and have completely completed the procedure for joining the service with your number.

How to create a WhatsApp group with iPhone and Android

Once this is done you need to:

  • Start the WhatsAppapp by clicking on its icon.
  • As soon as the main screen appears, move to the Chatsection .
  • Press the three-doticon at the top right and tap New Group . On the iPhone you will immediately find New Group , at the top right.
  • You will be shown the contacts in the address book who have a WhatsApp account.
  • Choose, by selecting them, the users you want to be part of your new group.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, tap the green arrowat the bottom right or Next if you’re on an iPhone.
  • Enter the subject (the group name) and a WhatsApp profile photo to use as the group image. You can take a photo or upload by choosing a photo in the phone memory.
  • Tap on the green check to confirm and conclude.

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How to create a WhatsApp group from your PC

How do you say? Are you a PC lover and want to do everything via Whatsapp Web ? Nothing could be easier, the procedure is almost the same.

Then connect to the and run the wizard to connect your account to the PC:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. Tap Menu (three-dot icon for Android)or Settings (on iPhones) and select WhatsApp Web or Connected devices.
  3. Click on the Connect Devicebutton .
  4. Press on Continue to the request: To access WhatsApp Web, allow WhatsApp to access the camera to be able to scan the QR code.
  5. Press on Allow the question: Allow WhatsApp to take photos and record videos?
  6. Turn your phone towards the screen to scan the WhatsApp Web QR Code.

After logging in to the service you will need to click on the icon with 3 dots , located at the top, and select the item New group .

In the left column, select the name of the contacts you want to join your group and then press the green arrow icon at the bottom.

On the next screen, under Group subject , enter the name and then click Add image to group to choose the cover photo.

How to create a group on WhatsApp without saving contacts

Do you want to create a group on Whatsapp without saving contacts? It’s possible. No, we’re not fooling you, it’s a feature that’s actually expected from the world’s most popular instant messaging service.

As you already know, Whatsapp being synchronized with the contacts in the address book requires that their numbers be correctly stored, but in case you want to create a large group without having to ask all their telephone contacts? It can be done?

Of course you do, via the Invite Link feature . This is a very inviting feature, as it allows you to send a subscription link to your group via email, Facebook, even SMS. The recipient just needs to click on the link and they will immediately be added to the created group.

How to create a group on WhatsApp with links

To create a Whatsapp group with links on Android you will need to:

  • Launch the WhatsAppapp on your device.
  • From the main screen, go to the Chatsection .
  • If you already have a group, open it and tap the icon with the three dots at the top right.
  • In the menu that appears, tap Group Info.
  • Scroll the screen until you find the item Send via linkand tap on it.
  • The Invitation Linkscreen and the aforementioned link will appear . Click on it to copy it.

Choose one of the following options to paste it and send it to attendees.

  • Send link via WhatsApp
  • Copy link
  • Share link
  • QR code

In case you can also ask for a different link, by tapping on Reset link (to be used with caution).

If, on the other hand, you are about to create a group from scratch, all you have to do is follow in detail the procedure described in the previous paragraphs and then locate the link by following the instructions we have just explained to you.

To create a Whatsapp group with links on iOS you will need to:

Find the link of the group by selecting the aforementioned group from the main screen and clicking on Invite to group via link , going forward you will find the corresponding link.

By clicking on Copy link you will be able to attach it wherever you want or even spread it via SMS or QR code .

In case of error and / or change your mind, you can always click on Reset link and modify or delete the previous one.

Also in this case, if you are going to create a new group on the iPhone, all you have to do is follow the detailed instructions in the previous paragraphs and then locate the link.

On a PC the procedure is almost identical and you can be able to locate the group link without any problem simply by selecting the Group Info item and Invite to the group via link .

How to create a WhatsApp group from another group

Creating a group from another group is not, as it might seem, a simple pun that we are offering you, but a feature that could come in handy in different situations.

Let’s say, for example, that you have a group with your friends where you talk about football and you would like to create another one with the same participants in which to discuss a gift for a co-worker. How could you go about creating this sort of duplication?

The task would be practically to import all users in a new group, you could proceed individually for each one, but, as you will understand, if this procedure can also be good for groups with few people, when the number starts to increase it becomes anti-productive .

First method

The most practical and fastest solution is to create a new group , locate the link following the methodology illustrated in the previous paragraph, and paste it on the old one, asking all users to confirm once they have clicked on the link.

Second method

Are you the founder of a group or its administrator, i.e. someone authorized to make changes or changes? In this case the procedure is even more convenient!

Just change the name of the group and its cover image by clicking on the space in front and on the profile photo and then choose the one you consider most appropriate.

At the time of the change you can also decide whether to appoint new administrators or moderators and even add new users, you will also be free to save the chat history by clicking on the homonymous entry. This option, however, is only available in this case and not in the first.

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How to create read-only WhatsApp group

A read-only group is a type of group in which no user is allowed to write. We already know what you are thinking: “ But if no one can write, what is there to read? 

The question is legitimate, but when we tell you that no user can write we mean that this treatment is reserved for group participants, the administrator, on the other hand, can write freely as and when he wants. If you think about it, all this is very reminiscent of Telegram channels , considered a single-exit means of communication, where only the person who manages it can  publish messages and contents within it.

The first step will obviously be to create a Whatsapp group from scratch by following the steps covered in the chapter Creating Whatsapp groups: the complete procedure and then transforming it into a read-only one.

How to carry out this incredible transformation?

  • Launch the WhatsAppapp .
  • Move to the Chatsection .
  • Open the WhatsApp group and tap on the group name at the top.
  • Tap the Group Settingsoption .
  • Tap on Send messages.
  • Specify the Administrator onlyoption and confirm by clicking Ok .

After confirmation, the group will have become read-only and participants will only be able to read, without being able to reply, what you are going to write as administrator.

How to create a secret group on WhatsApp

Do you feel like a new James Bond and want to create a secret group on Whatsapp ? Nothing easier!

Just like secret chats on Telegram , even on WhatsApp there is a little trick that will allow you to have a secret chat.

First of all you will obviously have to create a new group following the now well-known guidelines that we have explained to you in the chapter Creating Whatsapp groups: the complete procedure , select the contacts you want to be part of and assign a name and relative cover photo.

At this point click on the group icon at the top and select the Group Info item .

From here, just select, select the participants you have added and remove them by pressing Remove and then OK .

What result will you have achieved? To be the only participant of the group and to have the possibility to hide messages, documents, videos or photos in order to catalog them. A sort of private backup to be used as an archive that can also be used as a personal diary.

You can also set a password on WhatsApp by installing the Locker for Whats Chat App for Android , to block unauthorized access to your group or individual chats, or set the Touch ID or Face ID for iOS mobile devices.

This way you will be able to create a WhatsApp group without participants.

This is how your new career as a secret agent can begin!

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