How to create a group chat with friends on your Facebook?

Facebook, the social network with the largest number of users worldwide, has many functions to facilitate interaction and remain connected to users . One of those features is the group chat service with friends. But how to create this chat? In this article you will know the steps to create it from the different devices you have.

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  1. What are the steps to create a group chat with your friends on Facebook?
    1. From your Android
    2. With the iPhone app
    3. From your pc
  2. How can you find group chats in your application?
    1. Directly from Facebook
    2. From your Messenger
  3. Why can’t I create a group chat in the Facebook app?
    1. Internet out of order
    2. Possible ‘APP’ updates
    3. Cache full

What are the steps to create a group chat with your friends on Facebook?

Facebook allows you to share and chat with a particular group through group chats. If you have not created it yet, follow the steps that we highlight for each type of device:

From your Android

You must enter the Facebook application , click on the pencil icon that is located in the upper right corner. Then, you click on Create new group, choose the contacts and others that you want to join the chat. Finally, you give the group a name and tap on Create. And voila, your group is there to start chatting.

With the iPhone app

To create your group chat from an iPhone device, basically, the steps are the same as if you had an Android . Just follow those instructions and you will have your group with your Facebook friends.

From your pc

The process is a little different from your computer: The first step to create a Facebook chat group is to click on the three dots next to the notifications icon, and from the drop-down menu options, choose Send a message . A window will open where you must check the box of the contacts of that group with whom you are going to chat or click on Everyone and click on Chat.

A chat will open for you, write in the text section and send the message. You can easily see the group chat members you created, because they will appear in the top bar of the chat window. That’s how easy you can create a group chat with your friends on Facebook.

How can you find group chats in your application?

If you have several groups of chats created in your Facebook application, and you want to locate your conversations without wasting so much time , you can easily find those chats and continue interacting.

Directly from Facebook

Editing the name of the conversation held with the group to easily locate. Also, you can open the chat and click on the option to see complete conversation , that way you will be able to observe the entire conversation history of the group. And also, within the chat, click on the search bar and type keywords for that conversation.

From your Messenger

Once inside the Messenger application , you go to the search bar located at the top, type the name of the contact , all the options matching that name will appear and even in group chats where it is. When you find the contact you want to see the chats, click on it and voila, you will be able to view the conversation.

Why can’t I create a group chat in the Facebook app?

It may happen that you want to create a group chat in the Facebook application, but you cannot. You should consider several options that may be causing the problem.

Internet out of order

One of the causes that prevents you from creating the group chat is that you probably do not have an Internet connection through Wi-Fi or mobile data , and therefore, the application cannot operate well. Check your network connection.

Possible ‘APP’ updates

If not, it is due to an internet connection problem. You may need to check if you have the latest version of the application. If not, you must update it so that you can enjoy all the functions of the App, such as creating group chats.

Cache full

The application cache accumulates a lot of information that takes up space on the device and causes it to become slow and that some of its functions do not start as you expect. It is convenient to clear the cache memory of the Facebook application. Then, you can enter the application and try to create the group chat.

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