How to create a Google Business account

If you are an entrepreneur, you have an SME or you plan to create a small business, it is always recommended that you position yourself in Google to gain more traffic and in this way, obtain more sales and better results.

In fact, Google offers all these business owners the ability to create a business account to further help them boost their business.

This tool, called Google Business, is designed to increase the presence and improve the SEO positioning of all companies, since those who link their company to Google will be able to find it much easier in said search engine.

Google Business condenses the most important information of the company such as the address where it is located, the working hours, the contact number and the opinions of other users, so that the more you are located by Google, the more sales you will attract, the more you will position yourself and more locals you will attract.

For this reason, and seeing the importance of having a Google Business account in your company, in this article we will explain how to create one for your business free and easy and the advantages that this can bring.

How to register your company in Google my Business

The first thing you should do to create your account in my Business is to access the official website of the tool and click on the Start now option. It is essential that you have a Gmail account to be able to continue linking your company.

once started you must indicate the name of your company and to continue you must press next. Next you will have to complete a form with your business data.

Once you have completed the previous step, you must describe precisely the type of business your company is based on in the “business category” section , to later add a phone number and website.

After this you will have to verify your account to be able to appear in Google Maps and in Google searches. You will have to wait until you receive an email with the verification from Google to be able to finish filling in the details of your company.

Once it arrives, you will be able to finish completing your company’s file by adding relevant information such as the hours the company opens, the company logo, photos of the company’s facilities, among other aspects that you consider relevant.

It should be noted that you can modify this file as many times as necessary by clicking on the pencil icon and editing content, however, these changes may take a couple of days to appear , since all changes made will be reviewed and approved in advance by Google.

Is it possible for Google to reject any changes? yes. This often happens when Google’s content and security policies are violated.

Advantages of creating an account on Google my Business

Google business can be compared to a phone book, in which your company is registered in a certain business sector.

For this reason it is very beneficial to create an account of this style, since users usually do their searches and queries through their smartphones. Therefore, having a my Business account is much more likely that users will find your company.

It also helps web positioning, so if you are looking to establish yourself in the first places of Google, it is a good idea to create a my Business account. By gaining ranking, Google will put you in the top positions when users do local searches.

In addition to this, if you create an account on Google Maps, you will have many more opportunities to establish yourself as the local leader, even in the face of powerful and consolidated brands. 

Last but not least, Google my Business allows you to include other users who help you manage everything related to your company’s content, being able to make reviews and even content for YouTube.

Hierarchy and roles in Google my business

Once you link your company to my Business you must bear in mind that for Google purposes it has roles, with only one owner, supervisors and managers. Roles range from managing access, deleting users, changing information, and managing networks.


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