How to create a google account

Sooner or later you will find yourself in the inevitable situation of having to create a google account ; this is because maybe you will buy an Android device or a google home device or more simply because you want to open a gmail or Google Drive email box or even upload a video to Youtube. Whatever the reason, know that a google account will come in handy in many situations and it is completely free, moreover, to activate it, it only takes a few simple steps for which you have no excuses, get to work immediately.

Without getting too lost in absolutely useless and boring preambles, I’ll explain in this short guide how to create a google account quickly and without errors.


  • Create a google account
  • Sign up for google from your mobile

Create a google account

Creating a google account is really a breeze! What you need to do is connect to the google page and click on the button at the top right that says Sign in . In the next window click on Create an account , a drop-down menu will open where you will have to select the item For me to create a personal account or select the item To manage my business if you want to create an account for your company.

A new screen will open where you will need to enter your name and surname, username and password. The username followed by @ will be your new email address (for example if you put “tizio.caio” as your username the email address will be; the username can only consist of letters, numbers or periods.

Since gmail is used by many people, most likely the username you choose will have already been used by other people and you will have to choose another one or rely on the names suggested by google.

In this window you will also have to enter the password you will use to access your google account; the advice is always the same, use long passwords with at least one special character and a number and avoid using the same password for various sites. Once all the fields have been filled in, simply click on next to continue the procedure for registering with google.

On the next screen, enter your phone number and press the Next button. An SMS will be sent to your mobile phone with a code that you must enter in order to continue creating your google account.

In the next screen you will have to select the method to be used in case of password loss by selecting the recovery email address if you want to be sent an email with the data for password recovery or mobile number if you want it to be sent in case of password loss a text message with a code to configure a new password. Once done, you will need to enter your date of birth and gender on the next screen.

We are almost there, the procedure for registering with google is almost complete; now you just have to put a check mark next to the boxes at the bottom of the page by clicking on it to accept the terms of the Google service (which I recommend you read) and decide whether to share some information relating to your use with Google services (such as e.g. activities and search history).

Well, you managed to create a google account, did you see I wasn’t lying at first? Registering with google is really simple.

Sign up for google from your mobile

You can easily create a google account from your mobile as well. The fastest method is to open the web browser and connect to and then follow the procedure described above but you also have other possibilities.

In fact, if you have an android mobile phone or tablet you can also create a google account from the settings of your device. Like? very simple, open the settings and select the Account item ; press on Add Account and then select Google, you will start the procedure for creating a new google account which is very similar to that described in the previous paragraph.

On Iphone, in addition to the normal creation of a Google account via the web, you can also proceed to register with google directly from the fi gmail app in the app store.

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