How to create a Gmail account?

Gmail is one of the most popular platforms , easy to set up and use. In Gmail the best of all that to register your new account is at no additional cost.

Creating a Gmail account is advantageous and beneficial for your use, because it allows you to be the owner of your own business, your best ally, send and receive emails to the recipients you want, communicate all over the world through chat, video calls, even 100 people with instant captions and shared screen, organize all the information you want in your inbox and others.

Gmail is a simple   and easy platform to configure on any device since it is available on all iOS and Android devices and on computers.

To create a Gmail account you need to have a new Google account and only one Gmail account for each Google account.

How to Create a New Google Account and your new Gmail account?

  1. Access at
  2. Start on theGoogle search screen.
  3. Click the startbutton “Session.”
  4. Click on the “Create your Google account”link .
  5. Enter your nameand username .
  6. It begins with the window “Create your Google account”
  7. In the “Name” field,enter the username for your new Gmail account.
  8. When typing in yourusername you can use non-capital letters, numbers and periods.
  9. Enter the passwordand you must choose one to create
  10. It begins with the window “Create your Google account”
  11. Enter and confirmthe password.
  12. Enter a passwordfor your new Gmail account. (It must be at least 8 characters long.)
  13. You already have the password, type it again and confirm it again. (Both must be exact).
  14. Enter your date of birth.
  15. It begins with the window “Create your Google account”
  16. Enter your gender.
  17. It begins with the window “Create your Google account”
  18. Enter location and recovery information.
  19. It begins with the window “Create your Google account”
  20. Enter your cell phone number.
  21. Enter your email address.
  22. select your location from the drop-down menu in the Location field.
  23. Accept the Google Terms.
  24. You already have a new “Google” account and a new “Gmail” account.

How to open your Gmail account after it is created.

  1. Go to themain Google screen .
  2. Clickon the Gmail link.
  3. Open yourGmail session .
  4. Write your email and password.
  5. In the inbox you will see a “Welcome to Google”message .
  6. You will see some iconsof how you can add, a profile photo, a topic, import contact and others.
  7. After you have done your tasks in Gmail, click the button “Close Session.”
  8. Log out of yourGmail account .

You learned how to create your Gmail account , now you can manage and use the tools that this platform offers you.

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