How to create a free Tumblr account in Spanish? – Step by step guide

Tumblr is one of the best tools out there for creating content. Although social networks have become essential in our day to day, there are other tools that allow us to share with other users. Tumblr is used to share content with other users and you can create an account totally free.

What is Tumblr?

Tumnblr is a popular microblogging platform where different types of content can be shared with other users, such as photos, audio, video, text, quotes and links. It offers attractive designs and if it had to be compared with social networks, it has Likes like Facebook and you can share content from other users such as the Twitter retweet.

It can be used on the computer through the browser and for Android and iOS users there are applications that can be downloaded from each one’s App store . It currently has more than 474 million user accounts.

Create a Tumblr account

The Tummblr account can be created from the browser or from the mobile application . The procedure and interface to create the account is the same. If you do it from the browser, you just have to go to the official Tumblr page .

Start account creation

There are two buttons on the home page. To create the account, press the blue “Start” button . It is at this time that the registration process begins. On the home page of the web version of Tumblr there is a search engine for you to search for content within the platform. You can check the content, but not interact as a user.

Enter access data

There are new changes to Tumblr and right after hitting the start button it redirects you to a page to warn users that they are now part of Automatic . They ask users for their consent to add new cookies to your device.

After passing this new validation you must enter the access data to your new account . Enter your email address, your password and your username.

The password must be strong and right next to the text box where you put the password an indicator appears to indicate if the password is strong or not. The username must be unique within the platform.

If placing your username is not available, an error message appears. In addition to this there is a text box with pseudonym suggestions for your user account that are available.

Add your age

After validating the data you entered, go to the next page where you must enter your age . Subsequently a verification through captcha to verify that you are human and you would already have your Tumblr account.

Choose 5 topics of your interest

On the first page of the platform that is shown to you, there are several categories with different themes. Choose at least 5 categories or subcategories with topics that are of interest to you so that you can get personalized content.

This is optional, meaning that you can skip the step in case you don’t want to. When you finish selecting the categories, press the Next button located at the top right of the page.

Verify email

Check your email inbox where your first Tumblr email should be. Verify your email address by clicking the It’s mine! Button 

Sign in from Android or iOS devices

Using the application from a mobile phone is even easier than using the web version to log in . After you downloaded and installed the application from the App Store, open the application and select the Login button.

Enter your email and press the Continue button. Then you have two options, enter your access code or ask me to send you a link to your email to enter the account.


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