How to create a Facebook account without a mobile number

Facebook is not only one of the most used social networks in recent years , but also one of the ones that has been most involved in scandals for spreading personal information about its users, putting their safety and reputation in the social environment at risk.

Despite this, the network continues to be acclaimed since most have not had this type of inconvenience and although for their security, many people refrain from creating pages, for their part, they are interested in the privacy options that Facebook offers to protect their profiles.

If you want to create a Facebook page and prefer to reserve certain personal data, today at Look How It Is Made we focus on showing you how to create a Facebook account without a mobile number .

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  1. When you register is it necessary that you give your number?
  2. Can you create an account without a cell phone or email?
  3. How can you create a test account on Facebook without email or number?

When you register is it necessary that you give your number?

When creating an account , if you register using your email, you can omit the option to add your mobile number , for greater security. In this way, you will have a new Facebook account, which works perfectly, without adding your number.

Can you create an account without a cell phone or email?

Although most people do not know it, Facebook offers us the option of creating an account without using the cell phone number or email . This option is called a test account and with it you do not need to expose the aforementioned data.

However, Facebook trial accounts have a number of limitations and do not allow you all the functions of a real or traditional account.

How can you create a test account on Facebook without email or number?

To create a Facebook test account we will first need a real account . If you don’t have one of your own, you can use a friend’s, as the trial account will not be linked to the real one.

Once the session is started, you will find on the left side, the Facebook Account Management option. Selecting there, you will see the option to Create a new account , enclosed in a green box. A pop-up tab will automatically appear, where the information necessary to create a Facebook account appears.

In the boxes of each data, you will see a name, an email address, mobile number, etc. As a sample for you to enter your own data. However, since your plans are to create a test account, you will have to enter the data that the same page is showing you, and thus you will create your test account.

In this case, it will be Facebook who chooses your name (so it may be as strange as Mike Alcgdeajbhaai Greenestein) , but once the account is created, you can change it to the name of your preference. You just have to click on the date located in the upper right corner of the screen and then go to Settings. Once there, click on your Facebook Personal Information to change the name.

This type of account gives you the opportunity to explore the Facebook network, personalize your profile and live an experience similar to that offered by a real account, but it has many limitations that you should know before creating a Facebook trial account.

With a test account you can publish and share them only with other test accounts, since this type of account does not allow you to interact with users of real accounts.

Another aspect to consider is that the trial account cannot be converted to a real account . Which means that if you choose to live the real and optimal Facebook experience, you will have to create an account and start from scratch, losing all the information shared on the wall of your test account.

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