How to create a Crew in GTA Online?

We tell you the simple steps you must follow in order to create a Crew in GTA Online. Discover how to customize it to your liking and invite your friends. You can also join other bands.


  1. How to create a Crew in GTA Online?
  2. How to join a Crew?

Creating a Crew or band in GTA Online is one of those great incentives that the game offers us to spend time with our friends in the virtual world of Los Santos. Committing robberies together as a group, striking impressive blows and much more, becomes more fruitful and enjoyable when playing with friends . Therefore, below we explain in this post how Crews are created in GTA Online.

How to create a Crew in GTA Online?


The first thing you will need to create a Crew in GTA Online is to have a Rockstar Games Social Club account . It is actually very simple and you just have to follow these steps:

  • Visit the Social Club website :and log in with your account (or create one if you don’t already have one).
  • Click on the Crews tab:which you will see located at the top of the screen.
  • Now click on Create a Crew: itis one of the options found in the page drop-down
  • Choose the type of Crew you want to create:customize all the details, the emblem of the band, the hierarchy of its members and more. Finally, click on “Save this Crew”.

That’s it, with these simple steps your new Crew will be created . Now when you start playing GTA Online, connected to your Social Club account, the Crew will be automatically associated in your game. Note that if you are playing when creating the Crew, you will need to restart the session before you can start using the Crew .

Also, an important detail that you should know is that the names of the Crews must be unique and you can only be the leader of a Crew . Players in a gang can decide which crimes or activities to do together, they can all use the same type of weapon or clothing according to the color of the Crew and more.

Invite friends to a Crew

From our Crew page itself, in Social Club, you will find a button that says “Invite” (just like the one in the image that we attach on these lines). This is the button you must press in order to invite your friends to join your Crew. You can have a maximum of 100 pending invitations . Upon reaching this limit, the oldest one will expire.

Evolve a Crew to Organization

From the free upgrade Online GTA 2016 entitled New Adventures of finance and crime ( Further Adventures in Finance and Felony in English), the Crews can be converted into mafias to buy the large offices and warehouses.

Crews can share their acquired Offices and warehouses as organizations , and can even hire a personal assistant. In addition, it is possible to perform VIP jobs and challenges and even suffer theft and attacks from other organizations (both players and gangs).

How to join a Crew?

There are two ways to join Crews in GTA Online (neither created by us nor led by). On the one hand, we can wait for another player to invite us to join their Crew. You will only have to accept the invitation to become a member of the band.

The other main way to join Crews is, again, from the Social Club page. Do the following:

  • After logging into Social Club:pull down the “Crews” menu.
  • Now click:on the option called “Search”.
  • They will appear by default:all open Crews that you can join if you wish.

If you like any of these Crews you just have to enter its file and click on the “Join” button . As the band is open and allows all players without exception, you will join automatically. In case the Crew is private, you can only join if its members accept you.

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