How to Count Unique Data with Criteria in Excel

There are a wide variety of programs that help us perform a variety of tasks day to day. One of these is Excel. Through this program, you can do administration work, counting through formulas, calculations and more. It has a completely useful interface that greatly helps us in our work. One of its features is unique data count , being one of the integral parts.

The program has various techniques that can be used in order to be counted within the cells, however, to make use of this, it is important to download Excel from its website . In this case, you must have the Microsoft package downloaded. Through this article we will teach you the steps to make a count of unique data through the criteria that Excel composes.

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  1. What are the requirements to count unique data by criteria in Excel?
  2. What formulas should you use to count unique data in Excel?
  3. What is the process to count unique data based on criteria in Excel?
    1. Using Excel on your mobile
    2. With the Excel license on your PC
    3. From Excel Online
  4. Why can’t you count unique data in Excel and what to do?

What are the requirements to count unique data by criteria in Excel?

The requirements that are needed to make a count of data within the Excel program are those that will be mentioned below. However, before mentioning each of them, the importance of not confusing counting with adding should be taken into account. The values ​​are different when putting the values ​​in the cells.

  • Have the Excel program downloaded. This must be downloaded from its official page or, in this case, have the Microsoft Office package active within the device.
  • Do not have versions older than 2011, as this may affect the correct use of the formulas that Excel brings to count data.

What formulas should you use to count unique data in Excel?

To make use of the unique data count option to calculate the grand average in Excel , it is important to take into account certain formulas . They are available in the program, these are the following:

  1. First, you must select the cell where you want to set the unique data count result.
  2. Once there, click on “Formulas” and then in “More functions” an option of “Statistics” will appear where you must enter. (This if you have a newer version than 2011)
  3. If your version is from 2011, you must click on “formulas” and then enter the “Insert” option and there you will see the “Statistics” feature.
  4. Now, then you must enter the necessary formula, within these are:
    • COUNTA: It will help to count the cells that are full.
    • COUNT: It will help in counting the cells with numbers.
    • COUNTBLANK: It will help in counting the cells that are empty.
    • IF: It will count each of the cells that have a specific criteria.

What is the process to count unique data based on criteria in Excel?

The process by which unique data can be counted within the Excel program is very simple. All this will depend on where you are using Excel, either through a mobile device, from the program downloaded to the PC or online.

However, it should be noted that the simple counting methods are done thanks to the AutoSum or subtotal options . The first is used by selecting several cells, which must contain a numerical value. While the last one will be in charge of giving a total count. It is important to note that subtotals will need to be hidden in a PivotTable  and PivotCharts, as the option is not available on them.

Using Excel on your mobile

Through Excel downloaded to your mobile device, you can carry out the process of counting unique data by locating yourself in the “formulas” option and clicking on “More functions” until you find the formulas to be able to count.

With the Excel license on your PC

If you have a package with the Microsoft Office license, you will be able to use Excel and in this way, execute the unique data counting process. For them you will do it by entering the “formulas” option and once inside, locate the “statistics” feature and there choose the most appropriate for counting the data.

From Excel Online

Another option that allows us to do the count is through Excel online. In the event that you do not have the license or you have not downloaded Excel from its official page . The functions of Excel Online , although limited, contain the necessary features for counting the data. Entering “Formulas” and there in the corresponding options to use the counting formulas.

Why can’t you count unique data in Excel and what to do?

In the event that the unique data count option cannot be used , certain aspects must be taken into account to know the main reason for this. The option may not be enabled or the version may not support the counting feature. There is the function of QUANTITY.RECEIVED in Excel , this formula allows to calculate the data of the count received. But, if not, it will be enabled like this:

  1. The “UNIQUE” function will be enabled, this will help to return unique values ​​within a range or list.
  2. You must click on the “j21” option
  3. Enter the “Data” feature and there in “Data validation”
  4. Once inside, it must be allowed by entering “List”
  5. Later, the option will be accepted and that’s it.
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