How to correctly configure reading settings in WordPress

It is no secret to anyone that one of the most used platforms in the world for blogging and website creation is WordPress. And for those who are starting in this world of creating web niches, it is important to learn and be clear about some concepts. And in this article we will teach you how to correctly configure the reading settings in WordPress.

This section is basic when it comes to using the WordPress platform correctly , since through this configuration you will see the visual aspects of the main page and the blog. Of course, by default, this configuration is already installed on the platform and offers us some options that we can modify at will.

But as you include templates and plugins, the options to correctly configure the reading settings in WordPress increase. You have already known these concepts in another article where we teach you the correct use of WordPress. Where you could know the configuration of the writing settings of this fantastic platform.

How to correctly configure reading settings in WordPress

All this indicates that the different options that are presented to us as the development of our website progresses vary. And in this article we will show you how to correctly configure the reading settings in WordPress . So you just have to follow the simple ones that we expose here so you can’t go wrong.

The first thing you should know is where to find the reading settings on the WordPress platform and it is extremely easy to locate it, just as it was done with the writing settings. You just have to follow the following path, Settings and then click on the Reading option . Ok we have already located it, but first we must have a clear idea about which will be the home or main page that we want our users to see.

Steps to correctly configure the reading settings in WordPress

And here we can choose between two easily differentiated options, the first one is to see the latest entries or to show a static page . Where we will have one for the blog entry and another for the cover. This of course will depend if we have not created a home page and another page to display the blog, that is why it is necessary to create these pages first and then return to this point.

Another point that we must take into account when making a correct configuration is the choice of the template . Since each of them has a very different configuration from each other, so in this way you will find templates that have static pages on the main page. Without the need to add anything else, as they are custom designed.

On the other hand, other templates make use of static pages and can in a very simple way add carousels, sliders and other included content through their configuration. But if you prefer, you can use those templates that do not use static pages and you can configure the reading settings in the section of your last entries.

Although you can find many variables with the different templates that you are going to choose, but in general these are the main adjustments you can make. Although it is always important that before performing any operation, you carefully read the information contained therein , so that you can use the most appropriate configuration in the reading settings .

Another important point that you must configure are the amounts of entries that you will show on your site and you usually have up to 10 entries. If one entry is laid out below another, with 6 entries is more than enough. But if the tickets are laid out with 3 or 4 tickets per row you can show in the case of 3 between 6 and 9 tickets and in the case of 4 only 8 tickets.

This is just a simple sample of some reading adjustments that you can make in WordPress and we have taught you to apply it in the different cases that may arise. This way you will know how to correctly configure the reading settings in WordPress.


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