How to copy text in Windows

With the mouse we can copy and paste texts in Windows without using commands , you just have to hold down the left click and select the text without releasing it. Once selected, we right-click and then choose the paste option, this is valid for most fields where text can be entered.

That is, in editing programs, Windows features and in web browsers, you can also use commands such as the combination of keys “Ctrl + C” to copy and “Ctrl + V” which would be to paste. You should know that you can copy and paste images on Mac or Windows as well as texts and files using the mentioned commands.

In the current era, users use the combination of keys more frequently than the mouse even in social networks, since it is faster to use the copy and paste tool with the keyboard than to be using mouse clicks, you can also use programs third parties that make the use of this tool easier.

The method is to use floating windows that when clicking on a text, shows us a button that you want to do with it, whether it is copy, cut or other functions, of course the use of these programs is not recommended since Windows counts with these basic tools and do not take up storage space.

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  1. What are the copy and paste commands on your computer?
    1. To copy use Ctrl + C
    2. If you want to paste use Ctrl + V
  2. How can you copy and paste in Word more efficiently?
  3. What other copy options does Windows allow you to use and when to use them?
    1. Copy text with or without formatting

What are the copy and paste commands on your computer?

The copy and paste commands are “Control + C”, “Control + V” , Windows allows its users to execute commands with the keyboard with the purpose of using shortcuts to their tools, if in such case that the commands “Control + C “,” Control + V “do not work you should know that you need to solve from the same Windows system there is no longer a program that you can enter.

Likewise, it may also be due to the failure of the “control” key, if this key works slowly or remains stuck , the execution of commands will be affected . Here is how the copy and paste command works.

To copy use Ctrl + C

If you have selected a text, or a multimedia file on your Windows PC, you can press the Ctrl + C keys. By doing so, what you have selected will be copied to the clipboard until you use it, you must be careful since it is only allowed to keep one file on the clipboard, otherwise if you copy some other object the one you had first will be deleted.

If you want to paste use Ctrl + V

If you want to paste the content located on your clipboard, you just have to use Ctrl + V and it will appear where you have the cursor located, of course in case of being a text, since if it is a file you cannot see the cursor, but it is understood that it will be pasted in the folder or location that you have active at the moment.

How can you copy and paste in Word more efficiently?

Apart from the interface and Windows features, you can use the copy and paste commands in programs like Microsoft Word or any of its Office package, you can even copy and paste emojis in Excel , or another Office program, the most efficient way is use the mentioned commands. That is, “Control + C” and “Control + V”.

Since using the mouse requires a little more time, of course you must select before copying , you can select an entire text with the key combination “Ctrl + E” or only a specific fragment of it, for this if it is necessary to do it with your mouse. After copying, place the cursor where you want to paste the text and press “Control + V”.

What other copy options does Windows allow you to use and when to use them?

It is interesting to know that if you use Windows 10 you have several options to use the copy and paste tools . For example, you can activate the clipboard history, and when you use the Windows + V key combination it is shown which object is the one you are going to paste. That is, you can copy several things and choose the one you want to paste. Another important option is:

Copy text with or without formatting

You can copy a text using the keyboard or mouse shortcut but when pasting, if you use the mouse you will see the option to “Paste without formatting”. This special Windows paste is very useful when you copy tables, very wide spacing, or texts with features that stand out from the rest.

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