How to copy styles or formatting from one Word document to another

Through the following guide you will learn how to copy styles or formats from one Word document to another , a process that you should know if you have Microsoft Word on your PC. If you haven’t done so already, you can download Office from Microsoft’s official site.

How to copy styles or formatting from one Word document to another

Word allows you to easily copy the format of a specific area in our documents to another place. In fact, we can also unformat Word text when convenient.

Thanks to the above, it is possible to greatly manage the quality of our written work by customizing or creating multiple styles in Word according to the needs of the document.

We can find the tool to copy styles in the “Home” section that is in the main toolbar of Microsoft Word. Through it, it is possible to apply the format of a specific fragment in our document to any other place.

The use of this tool is very basic. In any case, if you have doubts, we recommend that you read the following information carefully:

  1. Select that part of the document from which you want to copy the format.
  2. Go to the upper left area of ​​Microsoft Word, click on the “Start” button and double click on the “Format copy” option .
  3. By doing the above actions, you can apply the specified style to any part of the document. All you have to do is click on the word / space where you want to apply this format.
  4. It should be noted that you can do this process even more easily by pressing the key combination Ctrl + Shift + C to copy and Ctrl + Shift + V to paste.

Is it possible to copy the format and style from one document to another?

Most people are familiar with the “Format Painter” option found within Microsoft Word. In any case, some wonder if it is possible to copy the format of one document to another / others. The truth is that this can be done effectively as explained above.

Using the copy format option is also valid for copying the style from one document to another. Either way, we recommend using Ctrl + Shift + C to copy the style into the original document and Ctrl + Shift + V to paste the style into the other document. In this way, you will apply two of the best keyboard shortcuts in Word to work faster .

This action can be especially useful for handling style or similar formatting in other text. In this way, the quality of your documents will be enhanced.

Copy the information from the document to another without losing the format

If you want to copy information from one document to another without losing the formatting, you need to take into account the settings in Microsoft Word. Indeed, this program presents multiple options designed specifically for this purpose. For this reason, you need to be aware that Word is properly configured as follows:

  1. Go to the top left of the screen, and click on the “File” option .
  2. Press the “options”. At the same time, locate the “Advanced” section where specific application options are configured and press said option.
  3. Find the “Cut, copy and paste” tab, where you will configure the settings for copying a document’s format.
  4. Enable the option “Keep source format (default)” in the tabs “Paste within the same document”, “Paste between documents” and “Paste between documents when there is conflict between style definitions”.
  5. When you correctly configure everything related to formatting in this section, you can copy chunks of text between documents without losing their formatting.


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