How to Copy Paste to Fire TV Stick

I’ll explain the easiest and fastest way to copy and paste on the Fire TV Stick. Discover the fast and convenient copy paste procedure

Copy paste Fire TV Stick

And here we are with a new super guide dedicated to NOTESREAD readers , especially those in possession of an Amazon Fire TV Stick .Before proceeding, if you still do not have a Fire TV Stick , I remind you that at the moment the Amazon smart keys are on offer at an all-time low and only for a short time: The Fire TV Sticks return to the MINIMUM Historical on Amazon

But let’s get back to the main topic of our article: today we’re going to see how to make a quick and convenient copy and paste on the Fire TV Stick.

There is no copy paste on Fire TV Stick?

I am a big supporter of these keys, I think they are indispensable on every TV, even on those that are already smart, since they add many functions and customization possibilities . At the same time, however, I know that Fire TV Sticks are not perfect and have some shortcomings.

Among these, for example, there is no possibility of making a copy-paste in a comfortable and fast way.

It seems absurd, but it is so. There is no copy-paste function in the Fire TV Stick’s operating system, which makes this procedure practically impossible or otherwise very difficult.Fortunately, however, there is a really smart and very comfortable alternative way that allows you to take advantage of the copy-paste function on the Fire TV Stick in a flash. And below we see how to do it, without having to connect cables or spend money on wireless keyboards.

Let’s see how to proceed.

How To Copy And Paste On Fire TV Stick

As you can see for yourself, the procedure is very simple and is certainly longer to read than to put into practice.

  • First of all, download on your smartphone app Amazon Fire TV, available for both iOS and for  Android
  • Download the app on your smartphone, start itand log in with your Amazon data if requested
  • At this point, connect the smartphone to the home WiFi network(the same to which the TV with Fire TV Stick is connected )
  • Now turn on the Fire TV Stickand go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon on the right
  • From the pop-up menu, go here: Bluetooth Controllers and Devices->  Amazon Fire TV Remotes  >  Add New Remote
  • When the search is complete, select your smartphone from the list of found devices. If the smartphone connects automatically, even better
  • If, on the other hand, the smartphone has not connected automatically, you will be asked to enter, via smartphone, the PIN you see on the screen of the Fire TV Stick
  • Once the PIN has been entered, a notification of successful connection between the smartphone and the Fire TV Stick will appear in the main menu
  • At this point you don’t need to do much else: to copy-paste on the Fire TV Stick you can use your smartphone. Like?
  • From your smartphone copy(from the website or wherever you want) the text you want to paste on the stick
  • Still from your smartphone, open the Amazon Fire TVapp
  • Once the app is started, click on the keyboard- shaped  icon in the upper right corner: a box will appear where it will be sufficient to paste the text you want to paste on the Fire TV Stick . The text will automatically appear in the space that interests you directly on the Amazon key.
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