How to copy and paste PowerPoint background into another presentation?

Many times it is necessary to copy and paste the PowerPoint background to keep the image of a series of presentations or simply to save time. There is a quick option that PowerPoint itself puts at your disposal, we explain it to you so that you can make this copy quickly and without any problem.

When working on a PowerPoint presentation you also have the option to change the entire slide layout if the layout you are using does not convince you. If you want to make work easier, you can also download predesigned templates.

What do you need to do to copy and paste the PowerPoint background into a presentation?

This task is quite simple and there is only one way to do it, first, you must have some things on hand to make the copy work correctly. First of all, you must have the presentation that will serve as a model for the design, it must be in your created slides or in the files.

To achieve the copy, start by creating a new presentation, to do this, open PowerPoint and select ”  Blank Presentation “, so you will get a plain slide. In the tools panel you must find the option “New slide” click on the arrow below it or with the secondary button.

Seeing this menu, you should find the option “Reuse slides”, click on this for PowerPoint to provide you with the slide selection menu. Normally, this menu is displayed on the right side of the screen. There, you can select the slide from above or search for it within your files.

No matter which option you choose, when you select the presentation, PowerPoint will display each of the slides found in that presentation. Here, you must check the box “Keep the font format ” found in the lower left corner of this search box.

Once the box is checked, you will have two options, select a single slide or hold down the “Ctrl” key and click on each slide you want to copy. With this procedure, all the elements of the slide are copied, from its background to the animation that it had in the previous presentation.

Why is it necessary to copy and paste the PowerPoint background?

Many times, especially for work or stories we make presentations for school or university, we are required to use the same design in all . It is common for each person to create their design to give originality to the presentation and it becomes really annoying to have to repeat the creation of the design at all times.

At this point, copying and pasting the PowerPoint background can be something that will save many hours of work that sometimes we do not have.

It is also common to use these tools to generate homogeneity between the presentations that are made, in such a way that the same design is maintained. On the other hand, many people use this tool to facilitate the creation, removing some elements and maintaining diagrams or locations of elements.

Is it legal to copy and paste the PowerPoint background?

The intellectual property rights of a presentation may not be violated by using this tool, usually used by people who consistently create presentations. In addition, if you use other people’s material, it is common that they have already allowed this use, they are usually people who work or study with us.

In case of obtaining material that has not been provided directly. The creator’s initials can be used on the base or at the end of the presentation to confirm rights. A valuable tip, if you use the same design for several presentations, creating an empty sketch may be very useful, so you can create copies and they will be yours.

Designing original slides in PowerPoint is fairly straightforward, although sometimes getting a professional design requires a little help. P or is therefore unlikely that a person violates any law using one or another element.

One way you can give your presentation a unique touch is by using the Animation and Transition tool .

Having defined all this, we invite you to copy and paste the PowerPoint background   in any presentation and speed up and facilitate your work.


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