How to copy and paste images from WhatsApp Web to Word? – all forms

Without a doubt, one of the best messaging applications today is WhatsApp. When sending photos, messages or voice notes, this is the best option for you to stay in touch with the people closest to you. Among the best features and one of the most useful is being able to    activate WhatsApp Web on your computer.

In it you will be able to do the same things that you do from your phone with the mobile application and you will even be able to do a few other things. Among these is the ability to copy and paste images into a Word document that you have open on your computer.

How to Copy and Paste Images from WhatsApp Web to Word? – All Shapes

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  1. What is the easiest way to copy and paste an image from WhatsApp Web to a Word file?
  2. How else do you paste an image from WhatsApp Web to Word?
    1. By downloading and copying the image
    2. Inserting the photo directly into Word
  3. How to automatically transcribe an image to text using Drive?

What is the easiest way to copy and paste an image from WhatsApp Web to a Word file?

Copying an image to Word on our computer has always been relatively easy. But in this case, we will explain how to do it with an image taken from WhatsApp Web to the Word document. The steps to follow are:

  • Step1: Open a new Word document and minimize the window after it is open. Now, look for the image in your WhatsApp , you will have to enter the chat you have with this person and click on their contact name.
  • 2nd step: The chat information will open. There you will get a section where you can find all the images sent and received to this contact from the application on your phone or from WhatsApp Web. Whenever you find the image you were looking for, click on it.
  • 3rd step: Click the right mouse button and from the options menu that has opened, you will choose the one called ‘Copy image’. At this time you are going to go to the Word tab that you have already opened, this will be located in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • 4th step: Finally, when you open the Word window, go to the blank page and paste the image or you can right click and click on paste or with the CTRL + V command. In that simple way you can copy any image from WhatsApp Web to Word.

How else do you paste an image from WhatsApp Web to Word?

Of course, when it comes to doing certain actions on our computers, we don’t only have one way of doing them. Therefore, in case you do not like this way of copying an image in Word, you can use two other methods that are also very effective, we will show you these below.

By downloading and copying the image

This is another very effective option. In this case you have to open the image that you are going to copy. As long as it is fully loaded, you are going to right-click the mouse and click on the download image option. Then you have to enter the download folder of your computer in the file manager and in what you find it you will press the right click. There you will click on copy and it will already be on the clipboard.

Then you are going to enter the Word program and you are going to place yourself on the new sheet in which you are going to copy the image that you downloaded and you are going to paste there. As before, you can right-click and click paste or the CTRL + V commands and the image will be in the Word document, then from there you can adjust the WhatsApp image to your liking .

Inserting the photo directly into Word

This is the native option that Word has for you to add images to your documents. Therefore, you first have to download the image from WhatsApp Web. Then from Word you will be at the top of the screen where there are a series of tabs and you will click on the one called ‘Insert’.

Here there will be several options, among these you will click on the ‘Images’ that is among the first on the right side of the screen at the top. The moment you do so, a window will open in which you will be able to search for the folder in which the image you downloaded from WhatsApp Web is located. Then you will only have to click on the image and click on insert at the bottom of this tab so that it is already added to the document.

How to automatically transcribe an image to text using Drive?

This function has been becoming popular in recent years as it saves us a lot of time when writing something that is on an image. To do this you have to go to the official Drive page .

After the page loads you will right click on the file you want to transform. Then, you just have to click on ‘Open with’ and choose Google Documents. Now, the image will be converted into a Google document and you will be able to copy and paste whatever you want from this document to the Word document.


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