How to cook in Genshin Impact

At Genshin Impact you can cook a lot of different dishes to take advantage of its benefits. We teach you how to process ingredients, how to get new food recipes and much more.

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  1. How to cook in Genshin Impact
  2. Obtain culinary mastery
  3. Process ingredients
  4. How to get new recipes

The kitchen is an important point in the Genshin Impact gaming experience . In this JRPG title we will come across ingredients and recipes throughout our adventures that can be prepared over bonfires to create food dishes from which we can take advantage of their benefits. In this entry of our complete guide we reveal how to prepare food dishes, get new recipes and much more.

How to cook in Genshin Impact


Cooking in Genshin Impact is very simple, you just need to have ingredients and a fire near you. You can find a lot of bonfires or bonfires around the open world, with pots in which to prepare your meals (for example in enemy camps). It is also possible to cook in kitchens located in large cities, such as Mondstadt and Liyue.

Note: Keep in mind that in order to cook the fire must first be lit (a character with the Pyro element can light it). In turn, do not forget that rain or the effects of Hydro or Anemo can put out the fire.

Once you have learned a recipe for a dish, you can start cooking it, as long as you have the necessary ingredients, of course. The food is achieved in many ways , the most basic one is just picking them when traveling around the world, but you can also buy ingredients in cities.

Food quality

When preparing a dish manually you will have to overcome a small minigame ; This consists of a cooking arrow that moves along a bar. To cook the dish correctly you must stop the arrow at the right time, ideally within the section highlighted with the most intense orange color. Depending on how tight you leave the arrow, the dish will cook with one or another quality.

There are different qualities for a cooked dish and each of them will directly affect the final result and the benefits of that dish as follows:

  • Completed dish:happens if you stop the arrow on the gray strip, it gives the least possible effect to the food.
  • Success dish:occurs if the arrow stops on the yellow stripe, it gives an average effect to the food.
  • Perfect dish: ithappens if you stop the arrow in the smallest orange stripe, it offers the maximum beneficial effect to the food.

The benefits of each meal depend on the type of recipe. There are food dishes that can revive your fallen characters in battle, others regain life points, some temporarily improve the attack or defense of the entire group, and so on …

Special dishes and characters with bonuses

Whenever you cook you can open a character selection menu to choose which character is going to prepare the food. Some characters have bonuses depending on the dish you are cooking, so it is always advisable to take a look at this. Bonus characters have a high chance of preparing a perfect and special version of the dish that grants even higher bonuses than normal.

Obtain culinary mastery

All dishes must be cooked a certain number of times in order to achieve what is called culinary mastery . This is only achieved if the dish has been cooked to perfection several times, and when culinary mastery is achieved, that same dish can be cooked automatically the rest of the time (that is, without having to do it manually). Automatic cooking always results in the perfect version of the dish.

The number of times required to unlock Culinary Mastery depends on the rarity of the dish to be cooked:

  • 1 star dish:you have to cook it 5 perfect times.
  • 2-star dish:you have to cook it 10 perfect times.
  • 3-Star Dish:You have to cook it 15 perfect times.
  • 4-star dish:you have to cook it 20 perfect times.
  • 5-Star Dish:You have to cook it 25 perfect times.

Process ingredients

When you use a pot to cook you can also access an alternative menu with the symbol of a chili pepper, this menu is the ingredient processing menu . Processing ingredients is used to obtain new ingredients derived from others. For example, if you process milk, you will get cream in return . This can be helpful for sourcing ingredients that you might not otherwise get.

  • Remember that to process an ingredient you will need to add it to the processing queue.
  • Each ingredient has adifferent processing time .
  • Once the processing time has passed, you can return to the pot to collect your ingredients.

How to get new recipes

Throughout your game, you will be able to unlock new recipes for food dishes as you progress through the game through different methods.

  • Visiting the food stores ofthe main cities you can buy some recipes in exchange for Blackberries .
  • Keep in mind that many of the recipes are blockedby your Adventure Rank , so you must first upload it before you can buy them.
  • It is also possible to unlock new recipes by completing missions.
  • Once you have new recipes, don’t forget to open your inventory and read those recipes to learn themand be able to cook them whenever you want.
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