How to convert PowerPoint slide into an animated GIF

Easily converting a PowerPoint slide into a GIF image is one of the things that everyone would like to do. Motion pictures or ‘GIFs’ have endured over the years, their popularity never seems to end.

The process of creating a ‘GIF’ image with ‘Google Photos’ or another tool like ‘PowerPoint’ seems to be an unknown topic for many. However, it requires a few simple steps that only require a computer.

Likewise, the process may be very fun, to the point of wanting to make many more ‘GIFs’ and, when you start with the first one, you can’t stop.

How to easily transform a slide into a GIF image from PowerPoint?

Easily converting a PowerPoint slide into a GIF image requires some very easy steps. The editing tools are very useful for different tasks, especially to make presentations or slides in PowerPoint and turn them into a GIF by opening PowerPoint.

Then you must locate in the upper left part the option ‘File’ and click ‘Click’, then choose the section ‘Export’, a menu will be extended in which you must choose ‘Create an animated GIF’.

Subsequently, you have to choose the quality or resolution of the GIF image, generally an average quality of 720 pixels is established , if you want to modify it, click and select the resolution that you like the most.

Now is the time to change the time set for the slide, it is mainly 1 second, it is recommended to lengthen it, finally you must ‘Click’ on ‘Create GIF’ and you can start sharing it.

There are countless sites where GIFs can be published, it all depends on how you use each social network, if you have a WhatsApp account you can consider sharing it there. But, if you are a faithful user of Twitter, Instagram or another network, you can share them through them.

Ideas to make a GIF through the PowerPoint editing tool

Easily converting a PowerPoint slide into a GIF image belongs to one of the best ways to entertain yourself without major complications. Certain things must be taken into account when making a GIF, such as: the theme of the image.

To make a moving image or GIF in PowerPoint you must be clear about the type of theme that the image is going to have, generally, it is done in the form of a comedy to entertain users.

You can even make a GIF of your computer screen , to give the image a personal touch. It all depends on creativity and, of course, on the resources you have to do it.

The content must be very good, since, if it is very basic or not very entertaining, you will not get other people to share it and, therefore, it will not have any kind of success. However, you can choose the option to be discreet.

The above means that not many are in favor of being known through some comedy or entertainment resource, something that certainly anyone is passionate about. However, it  requires a lot of talent or a stroke of luck.

Advantages of using PowerPoint over other GIF-making programs

Easily converting a PowerPoint slide into a GIF image is very advantageous, as it is very easy to do. However, there are those who avoid doing it because it seems out of place, but to others, it seems a way to entertain themselves.

This entertainment advantage is relative because in addition to using PowerPoint to make a GIF, you can also make a GIF from a YouTube video and from your cell phone.

Although, it is true that PowerPoint has a very marked history of use , then, absolutely all users or, most know how to use the tool since they were in school. That is the advantage of using PowerPoint over others.

Another benefit or advantage of using PowerPoint is that you can do it from the comfort of your computer, it is not necessary to have an internet connection to do it , however it can help a lot.

The good thing about making GIF in PowerPoint is that once the moving image is made, it will be immediately compatible with any device , such as: smartphones, tablets, video players, among others. Therefore, it is recommended to do it with PowerPoint.

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