How to convert DBX file to PST full free online easily

Technology is constantly advancing, it never stops. Every day we see changes in the way we use some online applications, such as emails . Among those applications is Outlook Express, it saves files in the DBX format. If you are one of these users, this article is for you, here we will teach you how to convert a DBX file to PST full free online easily.

Millions of people have one or more email accounts that allow them to manage their data files. However, some of these applications are lagging behind, due to technological advances. For the most part, users, in order to keep their work smooth, need to convert DBX data files to PST.

What are DBX and PTS files?

There are many reasons why Outlook Express users need to change DBX files to PTS. It should be noted that the discontinuity of this email application has resulted in the migration of its users to MSN Outlook.

Outlook has been a well-known email application since its inception two decades ago. Well, this allows its users to work with IMPA and POP3 accounts. In addition, it offers the option of being able to work in synchronization through Exchange Server. When saving all the data, it is done in PST format. Now what are DBX and PTS files? We will explain a brief summary of their concepts.

Dbx files . Outlook Express messages and newsgroups are equivalent to a file with a DBX extension; it contains additional information and messages for quick access. The files are stored in a directory named store root directory.

The Pst. This file is a personal folder in which copies of messages, calendar events, among other Microsoft Outlook media are stored. In other words, a personal information manager and a Microsoft Office suite.

Convert DBX file to PST full free online easily

Converting a DBX file to full PST for free is very easy; there is software by the name of GainTools DBX . This software allows the movement of files and at the same time converts a large part of the DBX files. Also, performance is independent, as you do not need platform dependency in the conversion process.

This program is compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows . It is so easy to use that you don’t need to have technical knowledge, as GainTools DBX to PST offers a very explanatory step-by-step wizard. The conversion process is as simple as one click.

Relevant specifications of this application

  • Converter compatible with all editions of Microsoft Outlook.
  • It allows you to save the converted files to the location you want after conversion.
  • You have the option of sharing large Outlook PST files.
  • GainTools DBX after doing data conversion creates the single PST file.

To sum up, converting a DBX file to PST full free online is a very easy process, thanks to the GainTools DBX to PST tool. As we mentioned earlier, this software is compatible with all versions of Windows . 

It is independent and does not require platforms when converting. And best of all, it includes a step-by-step wizard so you won’t have to worry about looking for additional information on how to use it.

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