How to convert CSV file to Excel

In this article we will teach you how to transfer or convert a file in CSV format to Excel in a few steps, with this guide it will be very easy to convert files of this format that will allow you to better visualize the content of this file when migrating it to Excel, you will be able to edit it with new data or simply organize it to be able to collect that necessary information.

How to Pass or Convert a File in CSV Format to EXCEL

What is the CSV format?

This format is used in order to store a large amount of data , such as a catalog or spreadsheet with large formulations, its acronym corresponds to .CSV (Comma Separated Values) .

This type of file is opened in applications that support it, if we must open in an Excel or Text Tool we must convert this file into a text document or Excel spreadsheet .

How to convert a file in .CSV format to Excel?

  1. We open a new Excel document to start converting the file. If you don’t have it installed, you can Download Excel on its official website. 
  2. In the “Data” tab that is just above among the Excel tools.
  3. Remember that if you cannot find specific tabs you can choose to enter “Start” and then in Options you will find how to add or remove tabs from the tool panel in Excel.
  4. When we enter the flap we will have one of the first options «Obtain external data» and from the drop-down menu select «From a text file» .
  5. It will open an extra window, in it we can see that it lets us select which text file we want to import into our program.
  6. Once selected, click on open and a wizard will open to import the .CSV file
  7. The only thing that we will check in this window will be where it asks us to choose the type of text that we will import, click on «Delimited» .
  8. In step 2 of the wizard, it asks us to select the «Separators» to which we will click on «Commas» .
  9. In the next step, what we must do in this last step is to leave everything as it is by default and click on “OK” .
  10. Once we accept, it sends us another window where it suggests that we check the cell in which the file data will begin to be displayed.
  11. At the end, we will see in our spreadsheet how the data has been organized and separated by “commas” in each cell to see this file more neatly.

Take into account when converting a file in CSV format to Excel

We can save this file that we import into an Excel file and have it as support, since in the case that we do not save it and we need to access said .CSV file again, we should do the previous procedure again.

It is important that we do not abruptly try to open this .CSV file using Excel because we will come across a lot of numbers and letters in an untidy way and we will not understand the file that we would be needing.

This type of file is interesting that they can be created since inside you can store huge amounts of data , add or import contacts to Gmail using CSV files , customer lists, storage for companies that process articles and much more. You just have to convert this file into Excel to be able to see that information in an organized way.

If we make modifications within the .CSV files we must do it with a program that is qualified for this, since if we do it with Excel after importing it into a spreadsheet and saving this file again in that format, it would spoil the document and it would no longer work.

Do not forget to always have a backup file, copying it and saving it on your computer for any inconvenience that may happen.

This step by step on how to convert or convert a .CSV file to Excel is a complete guide to do it yourself, without any professional help. You can also learn about how to convert an Excel file to PDF without losing quality.

If you want to know more about how to print tables and spreadsheets correctly or how to separate text into columns with Excel, we must stay on this site, where you will find complete guides and much more.


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