How to convert an ODS file to XLS online for free

The ODS files , in a nutshell, are spreadsheets, which are in OpenDocument format, which consists of a file type; created in a special way in order to provide a different free alternative and also universal for those formats whose direct origin is Microsoft, such as Excel’s XLS and XLSX.

In general, these files can be modified and read, thanks to a wide range of software, including LibreOffice and OpenOffice , which are two productivity suites that work for free and also with open source that it is compatible with Windows , macOS and Linux.

If you want to know a little more about this topic, so that you can implement it with different types of files and get out of some trouble, just keep reading this post.

LibreOffice, ideal for Windows, Mac and Linux

The ODS worksheets are documents that were created in order to balance the closed standards that Microsoft has. Within the internet, we have OpenOffice which works under a code productivity suite.

Which is also open and allows its users to do almost everything, since it works in a similar way to what Microsoft Office does.

It is compatible with the main operating systems, since in addition, it was born more recently, as a version based on OpenOffice. However, it is important to note that it includes various additional functions, so its development is more active.

In order to use this tool as an ODS to XLS file converter , it is necessary to first have the application downloaded on your computer, and then begin with the transformation of the file. You can locate the application on the internet and download it directly from its official website, so as not to have any type of problem in its installation.

Now, if you already have the file, start by opening the spreadsheet, which is in ODS format and once the program has started you must proceed to select the “save as” option that appears in the file menu.

You will see that a window opens, in which you must select the Microsoft Excel 97/2000 / XP / 2003 item (.xls) which is found right in the drop-down menu to choose the type of output file.

It is there where you must indicate the folder in which you want the document to be exported and click on the “Save” button with which you can complete the operation.

Using Microsoft Excel within Windows and Mac

If you have a copy of Microsoft Office on your computer which goes from 2007 SP2 onwards, from there you can open ODS spreadsheets and in the same way you can make a successful export to XLS or XLSX if you wish.

However, it is important that we highlight the fact that with some documents, which may be a little more elaborate, the conversion can be a bit annoying or, failing that, present some compatibility problems.

To begin, you must open Excel, and then click on the file button, which is located right in the upper left section; there you must select the open item found from the menu.

It is there, where you locate the “Browse” button, in order to configure the ” All files (*. *) ” Option . You will see from the drop-down menu at the bottom right; There you must proceed to select the ODS document you want to open.

Once it has been completed, you must proceed to click on the file button, then select the item “Save as” and likewise, in the upper section, proceed to access “Browse”, and then set the option ” Excel 97–2003 Workbook ”that you will see in the menu.

As final steps, you must choose the folder to which you need to save the file and click on the “Save” button in order to complete the entire operation.


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