How to convert a PowerPoint presentation to HTML

In companies at the time of showing some information both to the personnel who work within the company as well as to external clients.

It is necessary to use tools that make it possible for the presentation to be dynamic, with images and designs that attract attention, that is attractive and at the same time shows the professional ethics of the company, its responsibility and seriousness, as well as professionalism.

For this reason, many prefer to use PowerPoint, which is nothing more than a computer system available from Microsoft with which you can make presentations, in addition to other options such as making the effect of light and lighting in a PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint was included in Microsoft Office in 1980. Previously it was called Presenter, this project attracted the attention of Bill Gates and Microsoft, so they bought it and immediately launched the 1.0 version on the market. PowerPoint, along with Word, Excel, and other programs, are included in Microsoft Office .

PowerPoint is a system with which you can make presentations with texts in an organized way and with diagrams, in addition you can add graphics, sounds, videos, among others, at the same time that you can adjust the size of several photos or images in PowerPoint

You can do this because PowerPoint is known for its templates, these can be blank or with its default templates that make up slides which you can show from your computer. The slides have a sequence or order already established in the system, since each document you make is in multimedia.

The presentations that you create in PowerPoint can be used in different cases, be it to show a thesis, work, research, information of accounting or statistical interest for the company, create small tutorials, or make a presentation of images or photos.

PowerPoint is very easy to use, since its multiple functions allow you to show your presentations with animation of texts or images, movements, interactive, to show your presentations on large screens without the need for internet. In case you don’t know how to do it, you can learn to make an album or presentation of photos in Power Point

Many like you prefer to use PowerPoint because it allows you to show the public to whom you are presenting your personal and professional development. Many even make their PowerPoint presentation in HTML .

What is HTML?

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It can be said that HTML is a language with which you can decipher your browser that presents you the pages, applications and sites on the web. You can also know how a page is structured and modify its shape.

HTML is developed in a text document , which makes it necessary for you to have a text editor on your computer, that is to say that whenever you want to program you should use a simple text editor so as not to complicate doing so.

HTML has a source code with which you can not only edit the text but also images on the site or web page in addition to its content.

HTML began to be used in 1991, by Tim Berners-Lee who exhibited on the Internet for the first time, calling it HTML Tags.

You will notice that HTML has evolved with its new versions such as: HTML 2.0, HTML 3.2, HTML 4.0, HTML 4.01 and the most recent HTML 5, and it will continue to evolve over time.

By making modifications with HTML you will be able to obtain clean, logical, fast files, and accessible to any platform and system. It is cheap, practical and feasible because you can save time and effort due to its simplicity and simplicity.

How can you convert a PowerPoint presentation to HTML for free online?

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If you want to convert your PowerPoint presentation into HTML I’ll show you below step by step how to do it on your computer from a very popular website: Convertio

Step 1

Enter PowerPoint by clicking on the desktop where the icon appears or from Start to access your presentation. When you find the presentation you want to convert, “choose” it from your team with Dropbox, Google Drive and take it to the page or to another page that allows you to convert it.

Step 2

“Select” your HTML or page in the format you want but that is compatible and click on the publish icon. Now immediately write the name you want to put the file then download it as HTML and then save it so that when you want to open it again it will appear as you saved it.


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