How to convert a Pdf file to Word

Do you have a file in PDF format but can’t edit it? No problem. There are many free tools that allow you to convert it into a document readable by Word, copying text and images. In some cases the result may not be excellent, especially if the source file has been scanned. Here are five usable tools.


Foxyutils is an online tool that offers many options for converting and editing, such as merging or splitting, of Pdf files. As for the conversion into a Word compatible file, Foxyutils can understand the presence of different images and faithfully reproduce the content of a page. Among the positive aspects is also the fact that for each operation carried out you contribute to a project that fights deforestation. The only flaw? It does not use the OCR system, which allows the optical character recognition necessary in case you have scanned files.


Nitro PDF to Word Converter is specific for converting Pdf files to Word, Excel or Powerpoint and vice versa. Online use is free but there is also a desktop app that becomes paid after a two-week trial period. For online use, simply upload the file and indicate an email where you can send the link to download the converted version of the document.


UniPDF is an application compatible with the Windows operating system that must be downloaded to your PC to be used. Excellent for converting multiple Pdf files at the same time, but it has some flaws if you want to convert particularly complex documents into Word. Instead, it works without problems if you need an html or Png file.


Free file converter stands out for its extreme ease of use online: just select the file you want to convert, indicate what type of document you want to obtain, including Word of course, and that’s it. There are two limitations: you cannot upload files over 300 MB and it does not use optical character recognition.


Online OCR uses the optical character recognition system. The result varies a lot depending on the file to convert, but in general it is not very good in the case of images or fonts that are too complex. You can upload files of up to 5 MB, then you have to choose the language and format of the file you want to obtain. To start the conversion you just need to enter the code that is shown automatically.


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