How To Control The Age Of Who Enters Your Website

dmit it: any of you ever tried to enter, before turning 18, a place ‘for seniors’. In my case, it was in a nightclub, and I don’t think I’m confessing to any crime serious enough to cause the police to come looking for me three decades later, if I say that I got it thanks to the fact that nature made me hit ‘the stretch’ very early in my life, whereupon – and despite a still childish face – I seemed older than I really was.

From the point of view of the offender, and more with the distance of time, these transgressions of the law seem small heroics, but if they are looked at from the other point of view, they can put the businessman and personnel responsible for the premises in a very difficult situation. . And seeing the offender as a little hero who costs him a fine or even a prison sentence – and having his store closed – is the last thing that comes to mind.

With the advent of the Internet and, for example, the widespread pornography, the problem of age verification has moved from the offline environment to the online environment . Entrepreneurs in ‘sensitive’ sectors have a new problem before them, one that is more difficult to solve if possible, since unlike access to premises, in the online world we do not have the young man in front of us to call their attention and tell them that they should be in their home studying instead of trying to sneak anywhere.

Artificial intelligence enters the picture is an online application that, in a very simple way and through the photo / video camera of any smartphone or tablet, or the webcam of a computer, is capable of performing a facial analysis to fully estimate objective, the age of the person in front of him .

It uses artificial intelligence technologies, in addition to the fact that the user does not have to install anything, not even the web page to which they want to implement an access control with age verification, since the entire infrastructure of the system resides on the servers of the company that produces .

This company is the French GSI Développement , while the service is hosted by CC Média , an equally French company. Therefore, everything is in the territory of the European Union and, therefore, following the strict rules of privacy and protection of user data required by European legislation .

But, in case the face detection is not conclusive, the person requesting access to the site has a last chance to identify himself as of legal age, showing the camera a DNI, passport or driver’s license, from which the data will be recognized. key, such as date of birth.

This avoids frustrating false positives that lead to the loss of a legitimate customer, something no one wants.

Can those kids really be at the concert? Well, I don’t even want to know where they will go online …

Discretion assured

Facial recognition, DNI scanning, … all this implies sensitive data that allows a person to be uniquely identified and linked to a service that can be compromising depending on which environments. Therefore, it is not desirable for this information to come out into the open .

To avoid a leak with sensitive information, it is best if such information simply does not exist. And that is the model that GSI Développement applies:, free anonymous age verification , does not transmit or store data permanently .

In order to carry out the operation, data is loaded into memory and temporarily stored but, once the verification is carried out, these data are eliminated so that nothing is permanently stored either on the user’s computer or on central servers .

Moreover, neither the company that offers the service to which access must be controlled, nor the GSI, can get to know the real identity of the person requesting verification and, therefore, ends up accessing (nor the identity of whom access is denied for not meeting the legal age).

In order to see how it works, we have at our disposal a very simple online demo .

A growing legal framework

Adult entertainment sites, as well as online gambling services, are systematically running into, in all countries, with lobbies that carry out campaigns against them and that denounce the dangers that minors run when accessing, and that is why we find ourselves with a regulatory framework that exercises tighter control and demands more safeguards from the company that runs a website of this kind.

For this reason, is an ideal solution in order not only to comply with the laws, but also to demonstrate to the authorities that, indeed, they are being complied with.

Its use has already been tested in France , a country with very restrictive laws regarding the access of minors to cataloged content for consumption by people of legal age. This is the case of XLoveCam, the most popular web cam service in the country, which is currently using it.


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