How to control calories with Apple Watch?

Did you know that Apple Watches are so versatile that they not only help you locate areas through Google Maps , but also contribute to your aesthetic purposes? As you can see, if you use any of these devices, you will have at your side a perfect option to monitor food intake through the process of controlling calories. This is an essential component if you want to lose weight quickly, reaching optimal health in a matter of a few months.

So, if you want to configure your Apple Watch properly to track the entire process regarding calories, you can not miss this informative article. Here, we will teach you all the steps so that you comply with it and you can get the most out of the calorie counter integrated in this device. Keep in mind that with your Smart Watch, you can also measure glucose in case you want to improve your general health.

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  1. What is the difference between ‘active calories’ and ‘total calories’ on Apple Watch?
  2. How do I set up Apple Watch to track calories?
    1. Set up Apple Watch
    2. Manage calories from iPhone
  3. Is the Apple Watch calorie counter reliable and accurate?
  4. How can the accuracy of the Apple Watch calorie counter be improved?

What is the difference between ‘active calories’ and ‘total calories’ on Apple Watch?

One of the best ways to keep track of calories is by using any of the Apple Watch models that this renowned brand offers us. In this way, you will be able to carry out physical activity, being aware of this calorie burning process, which is what will allow you to lose weight in a matter of a few months. So, when we talk about active calories in this type of device, we are talking about all those that are burned with exercise.

On the other hand, total calories consist of the sum of those not only derived from physical exercise as such, but also include all those you lose in the most common activities of your day to day. Like for example, watching TV, reading a book or cooking for your family. Therefore, your Apple Watch can show you both types so that you do not miss any details regarding your weight loss process.

How do I set up Apple Watch to track calories?

Setting up your Apple Watch correctly in order to monitor your physical activity is a very simple process. Either through the settings or with the Fitness App integrated into your iPhone, you can record your day-to-day activity in great detail. And in this section, we show you two simple ways to accomplish this so that you can reach your goals of obtaining a better physical condition. In turn, you can read or reply to your WhatsApp messages while you exercise if you wish.

Set up Apple Watch

To set up your Apple Watch, the first thing you should do is put on the device, turning it on with the side button. Next, it is important that you keep your watch next to your iPhone so that they are correctly synchronized through a message that will indicate if you want to use your mobile to configure the Apple Watch. Then, you have to press on the option of Configure as Apple Watch and proceed to log in.

Once this is done, it is time for you to choose the configuration options that most closely match your particular tastes. Remember that there is an App called Activity and it will give you detailed information regarding your performance when doing physical activity, obtaining full knowledge about the steps you take, the distances you travel and the calories lost during the exercises.

Manage calories from iPhone

If you already have your Apple Watch paired with your iPhone, you can access the Health app to manage calories . From here, you will appreciate two options, the first one says Active Energy and is the one that tells you the active calories while the Resting Energy one will show you the totals. Also, you can use the calendar integrated into the screen to fully know the information concerning the previous days and weeks in which you have exercised.

Is the Apple Watch calorie counter reliable and accurate?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by new Apple users who want to get the most accurate results in terms of calorie burn recorded on their devices. That is why we can ensure that your Apple Watch will update all your personal information in order to provide true information that corresponds to all your personal data, which includes your weight, age, height and other extremely important elements. .

How can the accuracy of the Apple Watch calorie counter be improved?

If you want to make sure that the accuracy of the calorie counter is the best, you need to follow certain guidelines that can be very beneficial . One of them is to keep the information provided up-to-date, which you can achieve through the My watch option, by accessing the Health Profile so that you can make sure that all the data is correct. Likewise, it is important that when you walk, you let the arm on which you wear your watch move naturally so that the results are not affected by external factors.

Similarly, make sure your watch fits comfortably on your wrist so the sensors can record activity correctly. At the same time, opt for training options that are appropriate according to your state of health and that correspond perfectly according to the type of activity you intend to carry out. Only then will you get accurate results.

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