How to contact the Instagram help center

Find out how to contact the Instagram help center to report a problem you encountered on the platform.

Opening Instagram this morning did you encounter a problem and you don’t know how to solve it? If you need to contact the Instagram help center know that it is possible to do so easily!
The social network platform, in fact, has an area where there are answers to the users’ most frequently asked questions . In addition, it provides several contact forms where you can report inappropriate content. Please note that it is also possible to contact the Facebook staff for assistance on Instagram, the latter being owned by Facebook.

There are so many reasons why you might contact Instagram support. For example, you may have encountered problems logging into the platform and unable to resolve it on your own, or you may find that your profile has been hacked and that someone has taken control. In other cases, however, you may need to contact support because you want to report a comment, post or profile that you find offensive or spammy. You complain that you need assistance because you have noticed that once you post a video or image on Instagram, the images are seen grainy and you want to know if you can report this problem. In short, there are many reasons that could interest you and lead you to wantcontact Instagram support . So let’s try to understand how you can contact Instagram assistance.

  1. contact Instagram support center from pc
  2. Contact Instagram support from smartphone
    1. Report a post to Instagram support

contact Instagram support center from pc

To contact Instagram support via computer all you have to do is click on this link or search Google for “Instagram help center”.

Once you enter the service center, you have several options. On the main screen you will find the frequently asked questions by users to customer service, to which Instagram has already provided answers. Also on this page you will also find all the news and the latest updates of the platform.

In the sidebar, on the other hand, all the topics covered by assistance are collected by topic. In this case, the procedures to follow to receive assistance vary according to the type of problem:

  • Assistance with troubleshooting and access : this tab collects all the problems related to a malfunction of the platform, for example, if you are unable to share content or install the application. In addition, major login problems can be resolved, such as when you forget your password or other login details;
  • Center for privacy and security : in this tab you will find all the problems related to the security and privacy of your account. For example, if you believe that someone has disclosed your or others’ private information without permission or disclosed other people’s sensitive information, you can make a report. If you think that a user does not have the minimum age of Instagram and you want to report it, you can always do so in this section.

Alternatively, in the search field above you can do a quick search for the keyword and hope to find an answer to the topic that interests you.

Contact Instagram support from smartphone

If, on the other hand, you want to contact Instagram from your smartphone because something is not working on your platform or your account is a victim of spam, you have several solutions to solve problems related to your Instagram account directly from the app.

Whatever the type of problem encountered, if you decide to contact Instagram from your Android or iOS mobile phone you must:

  1. Open the application from your mobile;
  2. Tap on the little man at the bottom right and press the three horizontal dots at the top right;
  3. Click on the gear icon to access your settings;
  4. Select the item “Assistance”;
  5. Tap on “Report a problem”.

At this point you have a number of options to choose from:

  • Spam or misuse : in this section you will be redirected to the Instagram help center. All you have to do is choose the topic that interests you and follow the instructions to make a report.
  • Something is wrong: briefly type a message explaining the problem you are experiencing;
  • General comments : enter a comment explaining what you like on Instagram and what could be improved;
  • Problems related to the quality of images or video : if you have noticed that once you have published a video or an image on Instagram they appear grainy, you can report the problem to the social network. To solve the problem enter the comment and briefly explain how the quality of the images and videos differs from your expectations.

Report a post to Instagram support

If, on the other hand, you want to get in touch with Instagram assistance to report the presence of a post or a specific photo on the net that you consider inappropriate, you can act directly on the post or photo you wish to report. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. After identifying the post you want to report, tap on the three horizontal dots that appear next to it;
  2. Click on report and indicate the reason for the report, or if it is spam or if that photo or video you consider inappropriate.

Well, now that you know how to ask Instagram for assistance when you have a problem, you can safely go to the customer center to find a solution.

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