How to contact Orange customer service

It is important to know what options we have to contact Orange customer service in case at any time we need to resolve any questions, report an incident in the service or try to solve other types of issues with the orange operator.

There are different ways to get in touch with someone who can help us with our query about Orange, so it’s a matter of choosing the communication channel that is most comfortable for you at all times because there are several and you can use the one that suits you best.

Apart from the typical customer service telephone, then we have the possibility of using WhatsApp or even social networks, so you will always have at your disposal more than one contact option with Orange so that you can contact them from different places.

Orange Telephone Numbers for Attention

Orange, as Movistar also does with its customer service , you have more than one contact number . In this case, a distinction is made between individuals and self-employed clients or SMEs who have contracted a service with the operator. These are the numbers:

  • 1470: attention to individuals.
  • 1471: attention to the self-employed and companies.

In both cases they are free phones , at no cost to whoever calls any of them. They are telephones to answer questions, but also for commercial issues, so you can hire mobile rates, fiber or another service that Orange has in its catalog.

Another detail, these phones are for you to call if you are in Spain , if they are abroad and you need to contact Orange, you must use the number +34 655 00 14 70, which is not free, so you must pay the cost Depending on the cost of a call with the operator you have in that foreign country from where you are calling.

Also, if you want to answer questions in French, German or English , you have the number 900 906 121 if you call from Spain or +34 695 911 900 if you do it from another country, the latter available 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. from morning to 22 hours at night.

There are other telephones that you should also know for other Orange services, they are:

  • 1414: toll free for non-Orange customers.
  • 900 26 31 59: to contract new rates.
  • 900 26 33 54: Orange fiber information telephone
  • 900 26 31 57: information about the Orange mobile.
  • 900 26 31 58: information on Orange mobile and fiber rates
  • 900 90 62 68: breakdowns.
  • 1478: billing.
  • 900 90 62 68 – Expert help to help you with basic IT tasks (for select Orange customers only).

Through the assistant Djingo

Djingo is a virtual assistant that can be very helpful, especially in very general questions, for more specific questions it may not be of great help. This assistant can be opened from the Mi Orange mobile application, in the invoice / we help you section.

There you can go asking questions and the assistant will answer you in a kind of chat . It will answer questions about roaming, television, fiber, mobile, etc. If the assistant is not able to offer you an answer to your problem or question, they will put you in touch with an Orange agent.

Chat Your Expert Orange

Orange makes the Your Expert chat available only to customers , so that you can answer questions about the operation of your devices, that is, it is as if a computer technician were attending you to help connect your gadgets to the Internet, install applications, update software, etc.

This service is available via the free number 900 906 268 or through a chat on the web that we leave you below. To access you have to use your My Orange data to log in, and it is only available for Love or fiber rate customers.

Contact through Orange WhatsApp

Communicating with Orange’s customer service is also possible through WhatsApp , specifically you just have to add the number 635 85 00 85 to your agenda and open a conversation from the application with your question, problem, incident or other circumstance.

It is one of the fastest ways to contact and to be answered along with the phone numbers. From Orange they recommend that you contact them using this method from the phone line on which you want to solve the problem.

By the Twitter of Orange Spain

Twitter is a social network that many operators have chosen to use as a new communication channel, responding to both public publications made to the operator and private messages and Orange in this case is not an exception in this regard.

So much so that, in the description of the official Orange profile , which is @orange_es, mention is made of the customer service hours for all those who contact through this channel; They attend every day except national holidays from 9 in the morning until 11 at night.

If you do not mind that other followers of the Orange account look at your query or question, you can write to them directly mentioning them so that they can respond to you, if you want something more private you can opt for private messages . They usually answer quickly or take a few days.

By Facebook Orange

Orange has an official Facebook profile , so it is also a way to contact customer service, it is best to do it through a private message using Facebook Mesenger.

The response time should not be too long, so if they take a while, do not despair because the doubts they will have to answer are probably quite a lot, either through this route or through other options.

Website: Facebook Orange

Orange Community

The Orange community is nothing more than the operator’s official forums so that you can write there your doubts, suggestions, incidents, etc. Official Orange technicians or even another person who may have gone through the same situation or who knows about it can answer you.

The advantage of this option is that more than one person can answer you , but its great disadvantage is that it is a much slower method because the answers are not usually immediate and can take hours and days to answer you, and someone from Orange.

Website: Orange Community

Orange physical stores

Surely in your city or near your area there are physical Orange offices , it is probably the best option if you want a deal with someone who can help you solve your doubts, incidents, hire rates and anything else.

In Spain, the operator has a wide network of offices where a commercial can attend you, so do not hesitate to go to one of them if you think it is the best option to try to solve your problems with Orange, or if, on the contrary, you want to hire something.

Orange Help

It is not a way to contact customer service, but if you do not want to use any of the above options and your problem is simple, you can possibly solve it easily through its website, as there is an Orange help section to solve problems and issues on fiber, ADSL, My Orange, Orange TV without the need to contact anyone.

Web: Orange Help

There are numerous communication channels with Orange customer service , the fastest and most comfortable are telephones and WhatsApp, but you can choose any of them because they are all equally effective, although in some of them they will take a little longer to respond to you.

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