How to contact Netflix customer support

It is likely that, on some occasion, since you signed up for Netflix , you have thought of contacting customer service with any questions and problems and you do not know how to do it, but the truth is that it is easy and there are several options to contact them .

Netflix is ​​a service that offers content on demand and is one of the most important in the world along with HBO, although there are many other options that are appearing. However, it is not perfect and from time to time errors or problems appear in its use.

There are precisely known errors , such as error 5.2 on Netflix , which has a solution, or also error 1001 that we have also talked about and indicated that possible procedures you can follow so that it never appears again.

By this we mean that it is important to first locate the error and try to solve it before contacting the customer service of this service, that way you will save time and probably the solution to your problem is easier than it seems.

However, there may come a time when you have no way to repair the error, or you simply begin to experience quality or connection issues or other circumstances, and this is when you can consider contacting Netflix .

From the Netflix app for iOS and Android

One of the possibilities you have to contact Netflix customer service is through the Netflix application on your mobile , regardless of whether you have it on your Android mobile or on your iPhone. In either case, the process to follow is quite simple.

Simply log in to the application if you have not yet logged in, otherwise do so. Once you have done that step, you will have to go to the menu button in the lower right corner , although if it is not there, look for one that has the shape of three horizontal stripes.

Once you press it, you will have to look for the option “Help” or “call the help center”, and then a “call” or “call us” icon appears to be able to contact Netflix.

It may happen that you do not have a Netflix subscription, but you want to answer some questions before signing up for the service , you can also contact customer service through the app. In the case of the iPhone app it would be like this:

  • Open Netflix and click on ” help ” above.
  • Then two options will appear, select “call” and a normal call will open.

The call is free if you are currently connected via WiFi or data connection, but keep in mind that some operators may charge additional costs , so it would be ideal to contact your company and tell them if they are going to charge you for said call.

Call 900943249 or 900866616

The most comfortable way to contact Netflix is ​​to directly call them through two phone numbers , or by dialing 900 943 249 or 900 866 616 (it’s free). In the case of the first, assistance in Spanish is from 10 am to 10 pm.

It does not detail it, but you could call every day, as with the assistance in English by calling 900 943 249, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can make the call from your mobile or home landline.

Through a chat

The Netflix website also allows you to contact them via live chat . You just have to click on ” start live chat ” and select the option “tell us the problem you are experiencing” to open the chat itself.

From there you have to write your problem, but you only have 500 characters , you will have to be short and concise about what you want to convey to them. When you have it you should just send the message and wait for a response, normally they should answer you quickly and instantly.

Web: Netflix Chat

Through social networks

They are not the official channels of contact with Netflix, but you can try to contact them through their official Twitter account in our country (profile @NetflixES) or through their account on the social network Facebook (@Netflixespana).

However, they offer the official @Netflixhelps profile for any incident , problem or other reason that the client has, but the disadvantage that this account has is that it only responds to questions in English, so you will have to handle the language a little.

There are several ways to contact Netflix customer service , but the best thing to do is first go to their frequently asked questions section, look at possible solutions to errors and if there is no remedy, go directly to this service.


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