How to contact DIDI customer service

Through the following guide you will learn how to contact DIDI customer service or support by phone . Something useful if you have problems with the services of the company.

The Didi app

Didi is an interesting transportation service of Chinese origin, which over time has expanded to various countries in Latin America. It seeks to be an alternative to Uber , and although many people wonder which is better between Uber and Didi to work , certainly the Chinese company offers some interesting functions for both users and workers.

Either way, Didi takes things very seriously, in fact, this is one of the reasons why Didi asks for verification . At the same time, it also provides a help center designed exclusively for users who use the services of the platform.

As in any platform of these characteristics, it is essential that there is a space through which concerns can be discussed . Therefore, if you have any problem or problem with a driver or with the application services, you can contact them through Didi support or customer service.

Contact DIDI customer service by phone to make complaints or claims

Every company should have a help center for users, and in most cases, in the event of any eventuality, it will be necessary to contact someone in charge who can assist you. For this, the company provides its application and its official website , through which a help center appears for the country in which you are.

In any case, if you prefer to communicate by phone , in most cases Didi provides a contact number. Given this, please read the following information carefully to find a way to communicate with Didi regardless of the country you are in.


The Didi company has been offering its services in Chile for some time now, in turn you can contact them directly with any matter through their official numbers. For passengers the number is 2 3304 0931 , while for drivers the contact number is 2 3304 0932 .


In the case of Colombia, the company requires that you first be registered on the platform. To access customer service, you should do it directly from the App on your mobile. On the other hand, if you have problems with the registration process, you can contact 0314049979 .

Costa Rica

This Central American country also has the services that Didi offers. In turn, in the event of any claim or concern, the company has a support number that you can contact at 4000-6947 . In any case, the company urges you to use the options on your mobile device.


Mexico is one of the countries in which Didi has had the best acceptance, in many cases being preferred before its great competition Uber. In any case, if you have any kind of doubt or problem that you want to talk to a manager, remember that you can always communicate through the number for Mexico 800 988 8888 .


Didi’s presence has spread to this beautiful country located between South and Central America. In fact, little by little it has become one of the most prominent transport companies. Even so, if you have any type of problem, do not hesitate to contact us through the number 836 6219 .


Peru has gradually opened up to various transport companies such as Uber or Didi. In fact, I would say that it has shown an interesting growth in this nation, in addition, the company provides options for its users to be satisfied. Therefore, if for any reason you need to communicate with a Didi worker, you can call directly (01) 510 2787 or use the application.

Keep in mind that, to use the company’s services normally, it will be necessary to register with Didi . In addition, as we pointed out before, also through the application you will have a means with which to communicate with the company.


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