How to connect your TWS to your phone?

Who doesn’t love music and getting lost in it? We can all agree that listening to your favorite genre of music is one of the best pleasures in life. In fact, many people like to wear headphones so that they can listen better and more privately to the songs they love the most. Others prefer to take their gaming experience to another level and do so by passing and listening to the sound of the PS3 game through headphones .

Hence the reason companies have in developing increasingly comfortable and better sound systems such as the headphones that we are going to show you today. These are the TWS and they are one of the most popular Bluetooth headphones on the market due to their characteristics.

In general, most people when they think of wireless headphones do not think of small ones like TWS but of larger ones mainly because these headphones are relatively new.

However, these headphones perform excellently well and are much more comfortable than other larger models, and they are very well priced too.

However, not everything is good for these devices, as many of the users have complained due to the TWS not being supported or not connecting well to their phones. And from this topic we are going to talk today about how to correctly connect your TWS earphones correctly to your phone.

How does TWS work?

Before starting with the explanation of how to connect your TWS headphones, let’s first talk a little about its technology. This way you will better understand the guide that we are going to give you and you will have a broader framework about how these great devices work.

TWS are devices that work thanks to Bluetooth technology, which is the industrial term for devices that have wireless personal area networks or WPAM abbreviated in English. These networks are in charge of transmitting radio frequency information from one device to another and in this case they are the ones that allow your TWS to function correctly.

This technology is essential for any device, as it is one of the most efficient ways to transmit not only music but any electronic file. However, this technology is not the same on all devices and that is the main reason why you may have problems trying to connect your headphones to your phone. In certain cases users have reported that their i7S TWS earphone is only heard from one side

Connection problems can also occur if you have pirated headphones so we advise you to always make sure to buy original products. This will avoid headaches and will prevent you from spending your money on items that do not work in addition to the fact that these products are not very expensive and on pages like Amazon you can find very good deals.

But if for some reason you can’t connect your TWS headphones, don’t worry, we will show you the correct method to easily connect them to all the electronic devices you want without problem. In case it doesn’t work, you can learn to fix headphones that have stopped ringing . In the same way, follow the guide that we are going to provide you and you will see that in a short time you will be able to use your TWS whenever you want.

How to connect your TWS to your phone?

The procedure to connect your headphones is very simple and it will not cost you anything to connect your headphones to your phone correctly.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is take your headphones out of their case and make sure they are charged in order to use it. Then on the back of each headset you will notice that each one has a button is the button for pairing between the headphones.

What you must do to be able to pair them is to press those buttons at the same time for approximately 5 seconds. When you do, you will tell that at first both headphones turn on their lights and once they have been paired, only the light of the main headset will remain on.

Step 2

The next thing you should do is go to your phone to connect them via Bluetooth so look through the available connections for the headphones and pair them. The process will take a few seconds, but if you want it to be a little faster, it helps to bring the main receiver closer to the phone.

And voila, if you did it right, you will have already connected your TWS headphones via Bluetooth to use them as many times as you want. Sometimes some moments usually arise when making the connection and if this is your case, we recommend you learn to connect Bluetooth headphones to your Android or iPhone cell phone.


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