How to connect to NordVPN in Windows 10

As we have already explained, this VPN server allows us to connect through standard protocols such as L2TP, IKEv2 and OpenVPN. Therefore, if we have any client compatible with them, we will not need to use their official client. However, if we really want to take advantage of the advantages that NordVPN offers us , then it is advisable to resort to the official application, which we can download from the section of our account.

It will also be necessary to register with an email account. This registration is necessary to be able to link our subscription, and we will not be asked for personal data in it. Also, for more anonymity, we can even pay with cryptocurrencies.

We can download a client for PC (Windows, macOS and Linux), as well as for smartphones (Android and iOS), SmartTV (Android TV) and extensions for the browser (Chrome and Firefox).

Use the Windows client

When we download and install the Windows NordVPN client , it will automatically install TUN and TAP drivers in the system , necessary to capture the traffic and forward it through the private tunnel that we are going to create. Once the program is installed, the first thing we will see will be a login window, like the one below.

We log in (or create a new account if we have not already done so), and we will be in the program. Its interface is very simple and clear to understand. From there, we will simply have to choose the protocol we want to use (if we want VPN over Tor, or P2P), or select the country we want to leave through.

If we have a plan in place, we will directly connect to the server and start browsing it. By default, all PC traffic will go through the virtual private network, although we can change this behavior from the program options. If we click on the gear-shaped icon we can see all the options for this client. The most interesting options that we can configure are:

  • If we want the program to start automatically with Windows.
  • Automatic connection when opening the program.
  • Trusted Wi-Fi networks from which it will not automatically connect.
  • Kill Switch: cut internet when there is no VPN connection. We can apply it to the entire system, or only to specific programs.
  • Only use VPN for specific programs.
  • Custom DNS.
  • Hide our presence on LAN.

Thanks to this program, staying safe online couldn’t be easier.

Connect to NordVPN from Google Chrome

You don’t want to use the program on Windows, or you don’t have permission to install it? Nothing happens. We can also download an extension for Google Chrome that will allow us to redirect all browser traffic through this secure server. Of course, we must bear in mind that, in this case, we will only be protecting Chrome, and the rest of the traffic generated by the PC will travel normally.


NordVPN – # 1 VPN Chrome Extension: Get a VPN


Once the extension is downloaded, we log in and that’s it. Once inside, we can start browsing with total privacy and security thanks to the best and fastest VPN on the market.

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